Father’s Day doesn’t get the same love as Mother’s Day? Fact.

You know you’re obliged to get a gift anyway, but don’t know what the heck you should be shopping for? That’s fiction.

Chances are, you’ve spent more than enough time with him to know his list of likes and dislikes. Besides, Dads don’t usually give the kind of flying fuck Mums do, so your job is really a matter of swiping a low hanging fruit.

If not, you have us; we rounded up 11 Dads and had them go unplugged on what they really hope to see on June 17.

“A Mercedes AMG GT. Just joking. If I can see my kids through good education, and they eventually become financially independent and stand on their own two feet, it’s good enough already. Maybe by then they can get me that GT.” – Y.N. Ng

“What do I want on Father’s Day ah… I’ll say maybe some nice accessories. Like a watch or wallet. Just something small, can already.” – S.K.

“A handmade card from my children. If not, a simple lunch or dinner treat.” – Yus

“Father’s Day to me is for the family and kids to be happy and healthy. We should be able to sit down for a meal and just spend quality time together.” – Keith H.

“It will be a great Father’s Day to me if my kids can just put down their phones for a second.” – Robert L.

“Travel back in time and use a condom.” – Darren A.

“I’ll be in the kitchen this Father’s Day. You know, for some reason my son really dislikes fish. I want to finally change his mind with my specialty Steamed Sea Bass With Ginger & Soy Sauce. Fish is good for you, kids should eat more.” – Benny T.

“I’ve never been on a holiday with my children, so…” – John L.

“There’s this thing my daughter likes to say – what’s that, ah – Netflix and Chill? Is it? That’s what youngsters these days like to watch right?” – David L.

“You know what would be really meaningful? If we could all make a trip back to the housing estate where we used to live many years ago and eat that char siew rice together again – just like when they were small kids. Ya, it’s still there!” – K.K. Tan

“If my children are going to buy me another bloody tie again, I hope they make it a knit one this time. I saw it online somewhere – can’t remember – looks quite stylo. Is it you guys?” – Andrew T.