Our beloved city of Singapore is known for many things: smart nation, Michelin Star hawkers, it’s expensive AF to live in, best airport in the world, self-righteous online vigilantes, hard-nosed lawmaking… the list goes on.

One thing it’s not? Fashion capital of the world, and for a good reason. Or should we say, 11 good reasons. Read on to find out the most spotted style fails committed by fellow members of the male population here.

Fugly Backpacks

These backpacks look like they make practical choices for, say, hiking. Even then, the hills would quake at your abominable taste in man bags.

Socks & Crocs

We don’t care if it underwent a revival on the men’s runway, or if you’re dowdy, fashionably un-woke uncle. It’s the kind of faux pas that would land you in the fashion police’s jail, and render you an eternal virgin.

Loud Designer Apparels 

You know the usual suspects: A bold ‘Supreme’ strip across the chest, a tacky ‘H’ above the crotch, an obnoxious LV tote off the shoulder.

Ultra Tight T-shirts

Like what we’ve mentioned in our Instagram post on T-shirts, men seemed to have confused them for compression tights. The perfectly fitting T-shirt should be snug, a happy medium between skin tight and swaying loose. More on the latter below.

Ultra Tight Pants

Can you breathe there, bro?

White Socks & Black Shoes

For the love of God (in this context, Buddha), save that for the monks. Amitabha.

Berms & Boots

It’s like boy scouts gone wrong.

Plunging V-Neck

The ladies do have great style acumen to take a cue from, but not this one. Most definitely not.

Overextended Belts

Some men have a knack for wearing their belts so long, it flaps about off the side. Like limp dicks. What are we supposed to do with it – tug on it? Snip it off?

Shirt, Pants and… Trainers!?

We see it at the CBD all the time: a somewhat smart corporate attire destroyed by a pair of brightly hued Nike’s. What do you think you’re doing, guys? It’s a sartorial boo-boo that does not scream white collar athlete as much as it does white collar dude with athlete’s foot.

Checks & Stripes

This takes the cake for worst of both worlds. Unless it’s a PJs party (which, too, is barely excusable), this combination should never see the light of day. It remains a checks OR stripes situation, or neither. Never checks AND stripes.