Could Santa have done a better job himself? The 12 gifts (with an additional bonus at the end) that have been painstakingly excavated and lined up below run the gamut of stylish apparels, grooming goodness and man-ccessories, and they form basic building blocks for any clueless Bro, Dad, colleague and lover to have some clue on looking less offensive.  

After all, the best kind of gifts are those that keep giving, and these keep giving our word of the year: handsomeness (thus, happiness).


You know accessories like ties make lazy gifts. For that reason, consider turning your attention to another class of accessories: belts. Specifically, CINCH Belts. This local startup has innovated what it means for a guy to wear belts so fitting and customisable it might as well be tailored for him. You don’t have to keep the receipt and bite your nails wondering if the gift needs to be sent for an exchange.  

Get it at: CINCH Belts, SGD122.74 (U.P. S$177.36). Buyers enjoy FREE worldwide shipping and lifetime warranty without minimum spending.

Hanz de Fuko Ultimate Hair Bundle

The Hanz de Fuko hair care range – the hair waxes in particular – had guys waxing lyrical about their use of natural ingredients and trusty holding prowess. You could buy this gift bundle for your friends, sure, or you could just try to win it HERE so you can save the cash for, I don’t know, a Christmas gift for yourself.  

Get it at: DeckOut SG, SGD80

Adidas Stan Smith Canvas Shoes

Just make sure you know his size.

Get it at: Adidas, SGD105 (U.P. SGD140)

Philips Norelco Multi Groomer

Rule #1: Always kill off stray hairiness. Rule #2: Get this all-rounder buzzer to take care of Rule #1.

Get it at: Amazon, approx. SGD17.46

Men’s UA 2-in-1 Shorts

For the last time, the FBTs are going down the chute. Looking good at the gym (with functional compression support to boot) is a thing.

Get it at: Under Armour, SGD55.75 (U.P. SGD69)

ASOS Grooming Advent Calendar

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and no beholder truly likes a mug that looks like it’s been dragged through a desert or dipped into an oil drum. Do your ungroomed friends a favour, they’ll thank you for it.

Get it at: ASOS, SGD37.78 (U.P. SGD53.97)

A&F 3 Pack Icon Tee

Do you have a Bro who’s stuck in an endless loop of graphic tees and band t-shirts, and he just keeps buying more of them to avoid repeating outfits? You have our permission to perform style euthanasia and put an end to his misery with these basics.

Get it at: Abercrombie & Fitch, SGD75

Happy Socks Socks 4 Pack Gift Set

If it isn’t to unleash that inner Trudeau!

Get it at: ASOS, SGD43.18 (U.P. SGD53.97)

Filson Original Leather-Trimmed Twill Briefcase

A tough guy bag that can be carried as a briefcase or slung as a messenger (comes with a detachable leather shoulder strap). Challenge of the day: try finding any other man bag that’s as ruggedly handsome through and through.

Get it at: Mr Porter, SGD490.21

Miansai Anchor Cord And Gold-Plated Wrap Bracelet

Why, hello there, sailor. You know how nautical inspired striped tees make for a more stylish alternative to the basic tee? This is it in bracelet form. Great for those who prefer to tell time on their iPhones, but still want to sport a wrist candy.

Get it at: Mr Porter, SGD101.68

TIMEX Fairfield Chronograph 41mm Leather Strap Watch

Then again, there are the traditionalists who prefer to tell the time at a dramatic flick of the wrist.

Get it at: Lazada, SGD157

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

You forgot some people want to look more stylish, naked.

Get it at: Amazon, approx. SGD32.20

Bonus: Position Of The Day Playbook

Kinfolk is kinda a cliche for a coffee table accessorisation by now.

Get it at: ASOS, SGD9 (U.P. SGD16.17)