Lunar new year fortune forecasts often tell you your lucky colours, lucky numbers and how (mis)aligned your stars are. But they skimp on advising you what exactly to buy and wear to help realign your chakra, live long and prosper.

That left us with no choice but to combine our almanac studies and our Tome of Handsomeness to determine the best possible wardrobe additions you should be shopping for this CNY – for each zodiac animal.    


Lucky colours: Yellow, brown, white, gold

Travel: Uruguay, Sydney, Guangzhou, JB, South Africa

Forecast: You’re expected to welcome a bunch of benefactors who’ll give you a leg up in your career pursuits. Because no one likes a thankless prick, invest in a timely reminder to always pay it forward whenever someone bails you out of a shithole.

Disney Limited Edition Mickey Mouse watch, from Invicta.


Lucky colours: Blue, black

Travel: Beijing, New Delhi, Berlin, Russia

Don’t be expecting a bull run this year. Quite the contrary, your galaxy is chock full of unlucky stars; monumental events like moving of house or renovations are best put off to a later date, lest you want to be the next victim of untoward unfoldings.  

Although it’s hard to avoid being accident-prone due to your own carelessness, you could always minimise chances of people getting you into an accident by dressing as conspicuously as possible.  

The North Face 92 Rage fleece pant in aztec blue. Great for running away from disaster too.


Lucky colours: Red, orange

Travel: Thailand, Cambodia, Italy, Bhutan, Boston

Forecast: You’ll be enjoying an abundance of great interpersonal relationships. Maybe a little too great. Temptations are going to find their way to you. Yes, the kind that requires you to keep your wits about you – and your pants up, if you’re already in a committed relationship.

So, Tigers, meet Crocs. Fending off amorous encounters is not only a battle of will. It’s also a matter of fashion self-sabotage.

Red Crocband Clog


Lucky colour: Green

Travel: Shanghai, Washington, Romania

Forecast: With the carrot of money and power dangled before their eyes, men of this zodiac could get into the wrong side of the law this year. Should you get into a legal tussle and receive a summon to the subordinate court, looking dapper at the stands in this should luck you out of a prosecution.

Selected Homme Dark Green Suit In Slim Fit


Lucky colours: Yellow, brown, white, gold

Travel: Cape Town, Spain, Portugal, Nepal, Jakarta

Forecast: As the second luckiest zodiac this year, the Dragon men would be sailing through 2019 without a hitch. Lucky stars are out in full force; love is going to fill your heart to the brim, while a career high is going to have your coffers bursting at the seams.

Speaking of which, you should probably start shopping for a brand new wallet to prepare for the onslaught of wealth – but make it a RFID one, for you might already be earmarked by jealous observers.

Bellroy Note Sleeve


Lucky colours: Red, orange, white, gold

Travel: Singapore, Los Angeles, Peru, Vietnam, Greece

Forecast: The fortune tellers sense bad omen. If you want to slither your way out of a certain doom on the wealth and romance fronts, it is best that you pack up and depart for farther shores. (They’ve got you covered with some auspicious destinations above. And #ICYMI, Singapore Airlines just launched non-stop flights to L.A. back in November.)

The caveat is that you should, ironically, avoid thriftiness to preserve your wealth; that’s why if you’re serious about living life out of a suitcase this year, we highly recommend doing so with this S$3,400 luggage.  

Ghurka Trolley Leather Rolling Suitcase


Lucky colours: Red, orange

Travel: Houston, Argentina, Tasmania, Bangkok

Forecast: This may be the year of the Pig, but it’s a year for the Horse. You prancers are the luckiest zodiac of 2019 – congratulations! The heavens are smiling down upon you, you can do no wrong in the eyes of the Jade Emperor, and nothing can strike you down. It seems like the perfect time to be greedy and push your luck.

ASOS DESIGN thong in red with striped waistband in organic cotton


Lucky colours: Green, red, orange

Travel: Egypt, Turkey, Korea, New York, Malaysia

Forecast: Your luck and overall well-being can best be described as, well, meh. Goats are ranked the worst of the zodiac lot this year and tough times are abound. Nevertheless, optimism is a choice and that shouldn’t stop you from viewing life (or at least for the year) through rose tinted glasses.  

Cutler and Gross Square-Frame Acetate And Silver-Tone Sunglasses


Lucky colours: Yellow, brown, blue, black

Travel: New Zealand, Denmark, Brazil, Canada

Forecast: The last time we had the Year of the Monkey, Donald Trump was sworn in as the United States president, Zika stung us and people got possessed by Pokemon Go en masse.

Not so great.

Luckily for the monkeys, you guys won’t have to be singing the same tune this year. Your career is on an upwards trajectory and you’ll be attracting plenty of helping hands to get you to wherever you’re getting to. When you reach the Holy Grail, the key here is to not let yourself go bananas. If staying humble is a problem, we suppose you’ll have to flaunt your newfound riches in a non-flaunting way. Here’s a thought.

Tom Ford Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt. Approx. SGD420.


Lucky colours: Yellow, brown

Travel: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Hungary, Philippines

Forecast: If there’s one thing you can be cocksure about, your academic pursuits are set to be off the charts this year. Students, stay in school! Labour force, go back to school!

Adidas Originals Classic Trefoil Backpack. A textbook answer to textbook hauling.


Lucky colours: Green, red, orange

Travel: Japan, Madrid, Maldives, Vancouver

Forecast: The dog days are over. Kinda. Inauspicious stars pose little threat to you despite their presence; if you’re hurrying to tie the knot or sow your seeds, 2019 could be the year. Speaking of seed sowing, you’re being asked to look after your health – the worst performing area for the canine peeps.

Reclaimed Vintage inspired wide leg cropped trousers. Relaxed fits are not only back in vogue, they’re good for your prostate.


Lucky colour: Green

Travel: Harbin, Xi’an, France, Sweden, Mumbai

Forecast: Generally speaking, the Year of Pig is one that you’ll have to swim against the current in order to reach the safety of the shore. Of course, the operational word here, ‘generally’, applies to both the encompassing of all zodiac signs and the tired prediction of overcoming obstacles to find some sort of fulfillment.

Those born under this zodiac are no exception. Your lacklustre motivation levels and blatant disregard for personal safety are going to do you in this year, and you’re going to have to get up on your own two feet Napoleon-style and break yourself out of that filthy sty.

Timberland Radford Rubberised Waterproof Boots.

Think a little out of your lucky colour box and go green in other ways. Timberland shoes are known to be made for the great outdoors – and the conservation of it – using recycled plastics.