We’ve stepped foot into March. But nobody really likes March. It’s the scourge of the calendar year where you start filing taxes and think of all the nice things you could’ve bought yourself with that annual cut. That may be an event you cannot avoid, but the bonus of the month is that you’re getting your – what else – bonus.

The sudden spike in disposable income is going to get to your head and introduce a million excuses to be an irresponsible spender. Since we value financial sobriety, we narrow that down to 20 new-in March merch for you to look and feel on the money.  


Now that you’re feeling richer, your social calendar is likely richer too. That means you’re going to be out and about a lot.

ECCO’s new OMNI-VENT collection is all about literal coolness for your feet; the Enhanced Ventilation System Technology, together with the perforations in the upper, maximises the shoe’s breathability and probably minimises your feet stank.

ECCO stores, S$339.90

Thumbs Up Swipe Wireless Charger

This is hands down a more stylish way to juice up your gadget compared to a dangly slab of plastic you call a power bank.

ASOS, S$37.04

BOSS Bum Bag

You shouldn’t be carrying this just because all the cool kids are doing it. But practically speaking, this is a life-saver for your travels.

ASOS, S$183.42

Sekonda Reversible Canvas Strap Watch

It’s akin to two watches for the price of one.

ASOS, S$74.11

Ray-Ban 0RB3647N Round Sunglasses

There can only be one fashion accessory that immortalises the concept of coolness.  

ASOS, S$251.97

Crazybaby Air 1S Wireless Headphones

Satiate those earworms with these babies: lightweight, water resistant, crazy quality sounds.

Lazada, S$269

CLUB MONACO Lex Tapered Puppytooth Woven Trousers

Smarty boy pants for semi-formal meets, but with elasticated waistband as a source of comfort.

Mr Porter, S$261.09

Puma PACE Short Sleeve Tee

Breathe some life into your workout wardrobe.

Zalora, S$69

Kado Copper Metal Straws

Not all heroes wear capes. Some save Earth with these staked into their beverages.

ASOS, S$18.51

Hugo Boss Stretch Modal-Blend Pyjama Shorts

Bet no one educated you about how a great day starts the night before – looking good even in your sleep. In this case, do it with some Boss-level loungewear, literally.

Mr Porter, S$52.21

Common Projects Cross-Grain Leather Billfold Wallet

Something respectable to hold your bonus monies.

Mr Porter, S$223.79

SPARROW GREEN Billy Bomber Jacket

Last week, fashion magazines and the internet alike went gaga over Barack Obama’s ‘44’ black bomber jacket when he attended a college basketball game. It eclipsed even the Oscars conversation.

Now, you can eclipse any kind of conversation on the streets (or the bar) with our chosen winner here.

Zalora, S$76.90

Bamford Grooming Department Manicure Set

If this carbon fibre grooming pot looks like it could kill, you’re probably right.

Mr Porter, S$1915.68

Batman Projection Alarm Clock

Get up. Time to save the city. And yourself, from tardiness.

ASOS, S$37.04

HiiT: High Intensity Intercourse Training Book

One new sexercise a day keeps the doctor away.

ASOS, S$11.10

Tom Ford Beauty Brow Gelcomb

Read our 5-Minute with the resident Astro SuperSport hottie Amanda Chaang and you’d learn that doing up your brows is a secret behind celebrity-level handsomeness. Great addition for the bushy bro-w.

Mr Porter. S$52.22

Converse Chuck 70 GORE-TEX High-Top Sneakers

Unlike the standard issue canvas Converse you’ve come to know and love, this Gore-Tex edition is a step-up not just in terms of weather resilience, but style points too.

Mr Porter, S$156.62

Huawei Mate X

If you want to be able to say “I was a proud owner when the foldable phone craze first started”, you might want to register your interest in the Huawei Mate X – what is perceived as the catalyst to a new smartphone movement. Sporting a new Interstellar Blue finish, the 6.6-inch phone opens up into a sleek 8-inch touchpad when unfolded, which is great for your entertainment minutes on public transport.

Solid State Cologne

Being the best smelling guy on the go is a given. The act of sliding it out your pocket, swiping it over your pulse points and sending nearby pedestrians’ pulse into overdrive? Now that’s doing a solid.

Shop fragrances: Solid State

Ducati Hypermotard 950

Saved the best for last. This would make even hyper dotards look like Steve McQueen.