Monthly Archives: January 2014

5 Minutes With George Young

Not too long ago, Team SM got an opportunity to sit down with George Young to talk about the progress of his Mandarin and of course, what it means to be a smooth gent in his own words. That was done right smack in the middle of his conversational Mandarin lesson; being the smooth opportunists…

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BS Resolutions You Need To Stop Making

Ladies and Gentlemen. Do you know why most, if not all of your New Year’s resolutions fail to make it past January? Chances are, you’ve been making these same old clich├ęd promises to yourself for the sake of the occasion, without as much as a solid course of action. Then at the end of the…

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January Read: Date King

As wordsmith, I’m more of a prose guy than comic strips. But Date King, written by Adrian Teo and illustrated by Kenfoo, changed my mind. And that kinda says a lot. Imagine a localized version of The Playbook, only with chick profiling in the Singaporean context, bobblehead-fashioned caricatures and an innocuous looking pastel pink paperback….

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