Monthly Archives: July 2014

Man Lessons From Suits

Here at SM, Harvey Specter is our main man. And his Ten Com-MAN-dments are…    1. Be accountable. “Let’s just say that actions have consequences.” – Mike Ross The Pearson Specter posse has seen its fair share of shitstorms, but if there’s one thing Harvey has taught us, it is that you reap what you sow….

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How To: Score A Date For OCS Commissioning Ball

You’ve got your sharply pressed No. 1, your glittering sword and boots that are kiwi-ed to perfection. All that’s missing now is your fair lady. But how on earth are you going to snag a trophy date to attend the showcasing-of-your-hot-girlfriend event? Not to worry gents, Team SM has come up with several innovative means…

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