Monthly Archives: December 2014

5 Minutes With 5 Bloggers: Part 2

       Yes, it’s back! Our deluxe version of our trademark “5 Minutes” interview segment is back! This time, we’ve invited five more stunning and talented household name on the blogosphere to give us details on what’s it like juggling their careers and their passion for writing and also, their take on what makes a…

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8 Super Fruits To Please Her In Bed

by SimplySxy Editorial Fruits are known to be good for your health.  Apart from being high loaded in vitamins and antioxidants, are you aware that some of these succulent fruits are able to increase your sex drive?  We bring you the lowdown on some of these absolutely divine fruits that can be easily bought off…

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Get-up Of The Week: Winter Special

In sunny Singapore, we never did and never will have need for thick pea coats nor fur boots. But if you’re one to travel to colder climates for business or leisure, you might be a lost sheep in the winter wardrobe department. Or, maybe you are one of those lucky gents who is going to…

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