Monthly Archives: January 2015

How To Get Your Own Bachelor Pad By 35

A bachelor pad is akin to a forbidden fruit for Asians. Our culture encourages us to stay with our parents and look after them when they aged. Staying out on your own is seen as unnatural and an economic waste. But let’s say you are not inhibited by this traditional thinking in your family, what…

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How To Be An Even Better Gentleman In 2015

by Apple T Everyone has resolutions, but not everyone follows through. Seriously, everything on the 2015 wishlist dies within 24 hours. They say change is the only constant, and it’s also the law of life since nobody is given all the best qualities. However, you can still make a conscientious effort throughout the year on…

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How To: Know Her Sex Toys

by SimplySxy editorial Toys and pleasure. We are surrounded by dozens of different vibrators in all shapes and sizes to choose from and this can be a nightmare for the uninformed. At the end of the day, all vibrators are really just meant to help our lovely ladies get off but with a huge array of…

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