Fashion is a universal language. Whether you’re roaming in Rome or Havana good time in Cuba for your EOY travels, looking aesthetically appealing is always greatly appreciated (don’t get too shocked when you ge a free upgrade).

But what most guys don’t realise is that the journey to looking and feeling good begins right from home, before you get on that plane to actually journey. Why do you think #airportfashion is such a big deal among the ladies?

Here are our approved flight kits for you gents to look your most dapper, from Tokyo to New York. Looking good knows no geographical constraint.

Look #1: Long ass flight to Europe and beyond

Adidas Originals Pullover Hoodie, ASOS, S$69.27
Jack Wills Oakleigh Tapered Panel Sweat Joggers, ASOS, S$95.26
Adidas Swift Run Shoes, Adidas outlets, S$150
EASTPAK Tranverz Camouflage-Print Nylon Suitcase, Mr Porter, approx. S$204

Common sense refrain of the day: if you’re on board a long flight (i.e. around 15 hours), you should probably not be decked out in something uncomfortable. Breaking news: style doesn’t always have to come at the expense of comfort. Think celebrity-airport-arrival-chic – that’s what we’re going for.

Look #2: Solo getaway to a recluse island

Only & Sons Striped T-Shirt With Stepped Hem, ASOS, S$26.99
Piqué Bermuda Shorts, Zara, S$59.90
Core Classic Authentic Sneakers, Vans, S$69.00
Ray-Ban Clubmaster, Sunglass Hut
Herschel Novel Duffle Bag, Zalora, S$136.90 (U.P. S$209.90)

So you’re looking to take a holiday from life itself, solo. Kick it off with a minimalist, casual look that’ll set the tone right for a chill and laid-back trip. With no one around, you’re the boss. Make the clear with a clean and bold look that proclaims you’re leaving all work behind. I’m taking no calls, boss.

Look #3: That bi-annual holiday with the GF

MR P. Striped Long-Sleeved Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt, Mr Porter, S$138.19
Slim Fit Tapered Jeans, Levi’s, Farfetch, S$148
Leather Bomber Jacket, Zara, S$339.00
ECCO Mens Crepetray Chukka, S$189.90 (U.P. S$279.90)
HORIZN STUDIOS Polycarbonate Suitcase, Mr Porter, S$561.84

Perhaps she’s been badgering you for that trip back to Japan to catch the blooming sakura and delish ramen. Be that good boyfriend you’re meant to be – take her on that trip but be sure to start it right. Spruce up your wardrobe and look your best for her. That’s one way to reignite the relationship other than holiday sex.

Look #4: Single dude on a business trip

Short-sleeve Icon Henley, Abercrombie & Fitch, S$34
Navy Pinstripe Ultra Skinny Trousers, Topman, approx. S$87
Navy Pinstripe Ultra Skinny Blazer, Topman, S$286
Axel Arigato Clean 90 Sneakers, approx. S$328.60
Aspen Briefcase, Gnome & Bow, S$299 (U.P. S$425)

The head honchos decide to send you on a business trip. Through your outfit, should you highlight A) How you’re really serious about the proposal and a great rep for your brand, or B) That you’re approachable and don’t take things all that seriously?

The answer is both. Cop the look above that’ll wow both the clients and new friends who might also be solo-ing like you, so you really maximise the time you’ve got on the trip.

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