You probably didn’t know this, but National Men’s Grooming Day happened over the past weekend. You’d probably also wouldn’t know this, but it is a made up occasion. Rather than writing it off as a silly calendar event thought up by facetious (but very well put together) guys onto their fifth tequila, I saw it this way: they wouldn’t have made the effort to invent something if it weren’t all that important.

You could ask, what exactly does National Men’s Grooming Day entail? I can’t be sure, but two things came to mind:

  1. It’s like Movember, but it raises awareness on looking speckless for yourself and doubling your chances with women, instead of prostate cancer;
  2. Our roasting of guys and their grooming fails.

Within that grooming fails feature, I have already done my fair share of roasting. Now, it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t walk the talk and present a trove of proven solutions to score Point 1.

The bonus? Except for one Brauny outlier, all of the below come under S$11 – how’s that for National Men’s Grooming Day?

1. Trimmer

I’ll reiterate what was said in the grooming fails feature. Nobody needs to see stray hair sticking out of your various orifices, let alone the cute girl you’ve managed to convert into a date from the digital space. It was also mentioned in there that you should get hold of an electric trimmer, if not for the spillover uses of zapping your neckline, sideburns and crotch line.

But our objective here is to get more bang for the buck – wait a minute, apparently, you can get it on the insanely cheap.

Featured here: Micro Touch Max Trimmer

Get it from: Qoo10, S$5.49

2. Electric Shaver

Ever had a date go down really well, only to have her hit pause on what was supposed to be a hot and heavy make-out sesh? You might have cockblocked yourself with your stubble; some of the ladies aren’t exactly big fans of the lip tickling and scratching and now that you know better, you can easily pre-empt such downers with a high-performance electric shaver.

Better yet, invest in one that gives a close shave in lesser strokes (which means lesser breakouts), and one that can get the job done just the same be it a dry shave in front of the dresser or a wet shave in the shower.

Featured here: Braun Series 3 310s

Get it from: Lazada, S$99

3. Nail Clipper

Ha! You’d be forgiven for thinking any nail clipper is going to cut it. There’s the pedestrian, silver coloured kind you’d loot from female members of your family. And then there’s the unspoken ones that look like they’ve just emerged from a blacksmith’s blazing forge – they have lethal precision, grip, handle length and blade curvature to give your toe and fingernails an effortless (and very handsome) trim.

Hey, no one’s stopping you from even engraving your name and making it your personal Mjolnir.

Featured here: Bokdy Nail Clipper

Get it from: Amazon, approx. S$10.40

4. Deodorant Wipes

Success is defined as 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. However, success with women means you need to clean up all that 99%. Let me be that 1% to tell you one the best defences against our city’s mercury levels, the resulting stench airing out of you and a lonesome Saturday night is this ultra-handy pack of Gatsby Ice-Type Deodorant wet wipes.

It’s like being able to take a cool, minty shower anytime, anywhere – it might make her want to take one with you too.

Get it from: Watsons, S$3.50

5. Facial Wash For Greasy Skin

It’s the reigning dermatological plague among Singaporean men. Suffering from overactive sebaceous glands does suck significantly; moreover, if the reflection of sunlight off your facial sheen tends to blind nearby onlookers, having a serious oil controller in your grooming arsenal is a must.

While it’s important to be slick under the context of dating and relationships, this is not the kind you want.

Featured here: Garnier Men TurboLight Oil Control Icy Scrub

Get it from: Guardian, S$9.50