As far as famous last names go (or at least in SG), you might know Tyen Rasif as someone’s baby sister. Or someone’s daughter. She could ride on that for her own success, sure, except she didn’t.

Tyen has done pretty well for herself and held her own in spite of said last name; let’s see, she emerged top 5 in last year’s Miss Singapore Universe, redefined the meaning of beauty in the pageant, bowled over judges at bodybuilding competitions, hosts her own show ‘No Sweat’ on Clicknetwork and stopped short of nothing to be everyone’s favourite virtual PT (she helps you get fit while doing housework, no joke).

But perhaps one of her most underrated accomplishments is beating men at their own game of throw-downs: arm wrestling. Consider this an open challenge. Who’s stepping up?

SM: Welcome to the 5-Minute hot seat. You’re the first guest of 2019, congrats! What’s Tyen all about?

Tyen is all about empowering people to live their best lives!

SM: The past year saw you through the Miss Singapore Universe pageant, a growing fan base on your Youtube channel, being the ambassador for Optimum Nutrition and… a 5,000 calorie pizza challenge. What’s next in 2019?

One of the highlights of 2018 was getting to share my passion with a larger audience! Receiving comments and messages from people from all over the world telling me that I have helped them in a positive way truly made my year.

There are so many people who want to better themselves through fitness- so my 2019 plan is to continue to help more people through new avenues!

SM: You’ve got abs that’d put most guys’ to shame. What’s your secret?

There is no secret. The truth is that I have days where the abs pop, and days (like the day after my 5,000 calorie challenge) where they hide. Diet is the biggest factor.

SM: Fitness is a way of life that, well, saved your life. With so many things going on, how do you stay focused on your gruelling diet and fitness regime?

I found a regime that is sustainable and that works for me. I don’t train like how I used to (bodybuilding routine of twice a day, 5 days a week), but I strength train 3 to 4 times a week and try to do cardio whenever I can.

SM: You’re at the gym a lot. What’s the most ridiculous thing you ever saw a guy wear at one?

They can wear whatever they want! it doesn’t bother me.

SM: Speaking of what to wear, let’s switch gears to the main event. Seriously Man is all about effortless handsomeness, as evident in our Guydes. What kind of men’s style would get you hot under the collar?

I am attracted to jeans and shirts rolled up to the elbows. I have a queer attraction to forearms.

SM: Most underrated grooming item for men?

Not sure if this counts as a grooming essential but I appreciate a man who keeps tissue paper in his pocket.

SM: Biggest turn off on a date, in your opinion? (You’ve had quite a number of dating horror stories, didn’t you…)

Haha! Too many… but my biggest pet peeve has to be the date being rude to service staff.

SM: What are the chances of a guy winning you at arm wrestling?

Low. And for the rare occasions where they have won me – they were tough fights.

SM: Forget about arms, what about your heart? How does one steal it?

My heart is healthy. I am very attracted to passionate people – doesn’t have to be about fitness! Can be about anything they are obsessed and passionate about.

SM: Complete the sentence: A man is at his sexiest when he is…?


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