Team SM: Welcome Allan! Great meeting you post-ONE FC. Tell us more about what’s going on nowadays. Any exciting projects you have been dabbling in?

I’ve been quite busy at the moment.  “Mata Mata 2: A New Era” is currrently screening on Mondays at 8PM on Channel 5, and the cast is busy promoting the show. I’m also working each day on a new Starhub show called “MIK: Men in Kindergarten”, where I get to be a teacher at a preschool and see what it’s like to work with children all day long.  Finally, I am also trying to wrap up filming for “The Amazing Race China Celebrity Edition” for the China market so I’m excited to be hosting a third version.  It’s already the second highest rated show in all of China! This might mean I’ll need to head over there more often to flex my Mandarin speaking skills. Hah!


Team SM: You look to be in great shape. Do you practise MMA or any other disciplines yourself? If so, how often?

I have always enjoyed being active and working out, but I have never dabbled into MMA as much as I would have liked.  I used to do a bit of Wushu when I was younger, but now I’ve been swimming and going to the gym more.  As I get older, I realized it’s more about maintenance and doing exercises which I’m less likely to get injured because everything just takes so much longer to heal.


Team SM: On a scale of 1-10, how important is fitness/looking ripped in upping a gent’s confidence?

I would say it’s about a “5” because I think a gent’s confidence is not necessarily directly correlated with how fit or ripped he looks.  Being in great shape will take you halfway to “5,” but it’s that inner belief and one’s ability that will propel him the rest of the way to a potential “10.”


Team SM: We notice you have a thing for bikes. What’s your take on the supposed “badass” edge that bikes give guys?

Hah!  I love riding a motorcycle. Actually, for this ONE FC event, I drove because it was raining cats and dogs that night.  But usually, I prefer to ride a motorcycle because I truly enjoy the freedom and sense of adventure that you get on a bike.  You never have to worry about traffic and finding parking, and nothing beats having the wind blow on your face.  I don’t think being a biker necessarily makes you a ‘bad ass”, but it certainly gives people the impression that you might be somewhat of a risk taker and definitely have the potential to be a “bad ass”!


Team SM: Over here at SERIOUSLY MAN, besides dishing out style & grooming tips, we are also all about helping the gents become better with the ladies. If there’s one ultimate dating tip you could dispense, what would that be?

Listen. Too many men these days spend too much time trying to look this way or talk that way, so much so that they fail to realize that in the end it’s all about not hearing what the lady has to say, then responding accordingly.  Sure, it doesn’t hurt that a man is well groomed, well dressed, articulate, fit, and has a great sense of humor. But it all begins with simply listening to the lady and understanding what she needs and wants.  From there, the man will have a good starting point as to what’s important and not important so that will save a lot of time, effort, and energy.


Team SM: In your own words, what does the perfect gentleman mean to you?

Being the perfect gentleman is simply treating anyone and everyone with the same respect that you would like them to treat you.  And from this, the world becomes a much better place…