She dishes out refreshing lifestyle and fashion tips on her widely followed blog. She shoots for commercials. She bagged ‘Miss Photogenic’ and ‘Best Skin’ titles at the recently concluded Miss Singapore Universe 2014. Some might even say she has made it as an influencer even before the word ‘influencer’ became fashionable.

Christabel, known better for her Instagram handle @bellywellyjelly (say it really fast 10 times!) in some circles, has her finger in many pies. Her schedule is sure packed like a sardine can, but she still graciously took time out for a special conversation with SERIOUSLY MAN.

Now, wouldn’t you gentlemen want to find out how you can snag the attention of this ravishing fashion blogger with little time to spare?

(Hint: You might want to start volunteering at an animal shelter.)


SM: Thanks for sitting down with us. Some small talk for starters: How’s life treating you right now, Christabel?

I’m swamped with work at the moment. Besides being involved in video production at TheSmartLocal and assignments with Changi Airport, I recently ran for Miss Singapore Universe pageant.

I didn’t join expecting I would be crowned the winner. Instead, I really wanted to pick up the valuable experiences of grooming and speaking well.


SM: Tell us about a day in the life of Christabel.

First thing I do when I’m up is check my Instagram (@bellywellyjelly) and emails, before going out for shoots which starts between 10am and 11am. It usually runs for three hours. In the afternoons, I have meetings for potential advertorials, followed by commercial castings. Recently, I did commercials for Visa and Canon for their new underwater camera. I travelled to Bintan for the shoot and it was really, really fun!

In the evenings I would rush home to spend time with my family and grandma.

Everyday is different though. I like to have a mix!


SM: What is the most memorable career perk you have gotten so far?

I got sponsored a trip by AirAsia for four nights. They are not paying me monetarily but having them in my portfolio is really good.


SM: With growing popularity of your blog and Instagram account, surely you have garnered no little attention from the male population. Any anecdotes of indecent proposals or clever approaches?

I met this guy along the road once and he suddenly went “Hi Bel! You just came back from your overseas studies right?” He started talking to me as though we were old friends. The conversation ended with him asking me out for coffee to catch up. I think that was pleasant, though rather alarming.

There are also some people who asked me out for a movie over email… but everyone has been very kind. You may not believe this but I have more girls emailing me than guys! They usually ask me for style/fashion tips.


SM: Then we’d guess a safe approach is to email you asking for fashion tips. Now, what makes the ideal man to you?

I would be drawn to someone who is very smiley or someone with a positive disposition. It makes me feel more comfortable. Guys would pass off as very intriguing if they are a mix of good and bad. Not so much badass, but there has to be a spark in his personality. But most importantly, someone who has a good heart.


SM: What would your ideal date be like?

Just dinner and drinks. Something not too fancy, because that intimidates me and gets myself all self-conscious. A mid-range, alfresco place would be great.


SM: We’re all about empowering guys through the power of dressing well. But that’s us. In your world, what quality should a modern day man possess to be The Man?

Confidence! In both the way he dresses and carries himself. A sense of humour definitely helps too. He should also be driven and displays a passion for the things he does.