As the Singapore Fashion Week (formerly Audi Fashion Festival) winds down to a close, Team SM caught up with Mr Jack Wang, L’Officiel’s own fashion director who is far from a stranger on the local fashion scene. As a matter of fact, try mentioning his name at the Tent @ Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza and you might get more than just a favourable nod. In this ‘5 Minutes’, We picked his brain to get his candid opinion on the local fashion scene and the behind-the-scenes of his young, rewarding career.


Hi Jack! Thanks for sitting down with Team SM. You’ve worked with some very famous people, tell us about the most rewarding part of your styling career.

JW: The most rewarding part of my styling career would be meeting people from different professions from different parts of the world. Each of them tells a different story which influences my work and life, in one way or another. You also get to see how people from different parts of the world work on set of a shoot. You get to see how celebrities and top models behave which is really interesting because most of the time you only get to see them onscreen and print. I have made really nice friends throughout all these years and they have always been encouraging, caring and loving. I was given a lot of opportunities by my company (Heart Media) to create a lot of things that I envisioned for the L’Officiel magazine.


When and how did you become a fashion stylist? Was there an a-ha! moment? 

JW: I started out as a model but I realized it was not what I wanted to be. I wanted to be behind the scene curating the pictures instead of being the subject. I was very lucky to have met a lot of people who has helped me throughout my career. I had many inspiring moments throughout my career working with the the top photographers, models, celebrities, hair and makeup artists. Working with top photographer Steven Klein was one of the most surreal moments in my life. We had a lot of fun producing the images for L’Officiel 8th Anniversary with Steven and 8 supermodels.


With so many women working in the field of professional styling, what is it like to be a male at the top of the competition? 

JW: To be very honest, there are actually quite a number of male stylists in our trade. I have never thought that I am at the top of this field because there is still a lot I can learn from and I am constantly absorbing knowledge and skills from people around me. We just need to know that we have gave our 100% into delivering a product that we believe in. There is no point in competing with others because the greatest competition in life is yourself and how you view the world and the environment to be. I hope to inspire people around me with my work and push my own boundaries.


If there’s one thing the Singaporean men can do to improve on their style, what would it be?

JW: I think Singaporean men are improving on their dressing. I would say to always dress occasion-appropriate. I also believe in dressing classic and simple. Sometimes being effortless in your dressing is better than over dressing.


We are all about being a gentleman here at SM. In your words, what makes the perfect gentleman?

JW: Being gracious, generous and be open minded.


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