SM: Hello there Ming. Not too long ago you went to the UK, how was your vacation?

MB: Amazing! I got to spend time trying to keep up with my sister and BFFL Bianca Bridges (although you’re probably already following her on instagram and know all about what she’s been getting up to this summer…), but most of my time was actually spent pushing myself to my limits at a boot camp. It was one of the hardest thing’s I’ve ever put myself through and I still have no idea what was running through my mind when I thought booking in for 4 weeks was a good idea! When my friends heard my daily schedule they thought I was crazy. Maybe I am.

SM: Any big filming or recording projects coming up next?

MB: This last year has been a really hard time for me. I’m currently taking some well needed time out to heal and get it all back together before jumping back into the industry which will be, in typical Ming manner, in overdrive. Having said that, I have a Mandarin album which is all ready to go and enough songs to last me a life time! I guess you can take a girl out of work but you can’t take work out of a girl.

SM: Earlier, you did a FHM shoot. It must have been a whole different experience from what your usual gigs.

MB: Yes! I will admit I was super excited to do a shoot for FHM. I find it very hard doing ‘sexy’ pouty poses and still feel more comfortable with my usual “too big” smile. I want to show girls that being sexy is about being comfortable in your own skin and loving yourself . That’s what I hope I can get across with whatever shoot I do! The guys there was so sweet and had researched me down to the bone –spitting facts about myself that I didn’t even realise other people knew!

SM: The team here is constantly on the lookout for how guys can be their best selves. If there’s one area the men here in Singapore can improve on, what would that be?

MB: I think one area every gentleman could improve on is confidence. You could be the most amazing guy in the world but if you aren’t able to show it… well…

We girls are strange creatures and tend to over analyze things and sometimes forget that boys can be shy. A lot of the times if we don’t see it we just assume that you’re not interested! But having said that, there is a fine line between confidence and cockiness.

SM: They say musicians are sexy, maybe sometimes badass. Would such guys have it easy in getting your attention?

MB: I actually always seem to go for really nice guys! What I love about musicians is that they’re generally publically very in touch with their feelings. Let’s be honest: which girl REALLY doesn’t want to be serenaded with a song written about her? A guy who writes amazing lyrics and a beautiful voice just melts my heart.

SM: What if we’re not typical nice guys but we still want to try scoring a date?

MB: You have to be smart. You make her a CD of songs to put in her car because you know whenever she plays it she’s going to have to think of you. You take notice of things she likes and put them to use, whether through an inside joke or in conversation, which makes her feel like you really pay attention.

I was doing a TABATA workout once and was crying through it as I was in so much pain and this guy at the gym went and switched the music from the regular dance tracks to an old school Fall Out Boy song. I had completely forgotten that I had even mentioned that I liked Fall Out Boy. It must have been a passing comment that he happened to remember. But even thinking about it now makes me smile so much. As much as we hate to admit it, love is a game and a smart man knows how to be a winner (but if he gets the girl, I guess she’s a winner too!).