As January comes to a close, so did the men’s fashion weeks in London, Milan and Paris. Understated sophistication is the new ‘in’, as we’ve learned, and we’re left to wonder what us Average Joes can and cannot pull off from seemingly outlandish fashion week styles. After all, the designers probably didn’t have us in mind when they went to town on their sketches.

Whilst Charles Jeffrey Loverboy’s latest collection may not be the most office-friendly (unless you work for Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, or you’re a character in a Tim Burton film), here are some styles you can apply to your own 9-to-6 – not leaving out your round-the-clock weekend wardrobe, too.

Denim takeover

Apparently, we’re not the only ones obsessed with denim. Now, it has crept into suits at London Fashion Week to usher in a whole new level of denim-on-denim craze. Look, man, you’re already wearing it on the bottom half of your body on your off-duty time. You’d only have to hunt down the right fit and colour for your upper half.

Besides our top pick of jean jackets, try a denim shirt to be worn on its own or layered over a basic crew neck tee.

Levi’s barstow western shirt, ASOS

Life in plastic, is fantastic!

Believe it or not, designers at London Fashion Week believe that plastic is the new way to go, just when a growing population of woke Earth-savers are calling out for people to stop being environmental assholes.

We don’t recommend wearing it as apparel, but rather, to embrace fashion labels that have made recycled plastics an integral part of the production line. Think Timberland boots, or your next go-to daily denim from G-Star RAW: its collections are made using materials from Bionic Yarn, a plastic-to-threads company founded by Pharrell Williams.

G-Star RAW
D-Staq 5-Pocket Slim Jeans
S$129.50 (U.P. S$259)

Red. Black. Red. Black.

Looking for a colour combination to impress the hell out of everyone? Pairing red with black could be the way to go, at least according to fashion houses which presented at the Milan Fashion Week. Black exudes gravitas and charm, while red teases your wilder side.

Topman Burgundy Pinstripe Pants, Zalora

Lacoste slim fit pique polo, ASOS

Accessories Paradise

It is said that the real fashion showcase takes place outside of the runways on the streets. So if you were people watching and mentally CTRL+S all the unconventional trends stragglers were sporting at Paris Fashion Week, you might notice how essential accessories are.

Cross shoulder strap bags continue to rule the world of mancessorries (it was the top Pinterest men’s style search in 2018), and we suppose it’s here to stay for a while especially if you’re in and out of airport security a lot.

Tommy Jeans Tape Tassle Large Bumbag in Black

Form or function? We’ll take both.

Sacrificing comfort for style is no longer a compromise you have to make. KENZO Sonic sneakers were among the choices of footwear at Paris Fashion Week. Crocs are still not acceptable, but if you’ve been contemplating whether sneakers are a no-go in an otherwise stuffy work setup, we’d say you should go ahead – cleverly.

The brand new launch of the aptly named ECCO ST.1 HYBRID collection, which fuses a classic dress shoe upper with an athleisure sole, should serve you very well.


Smart suiting

The machine moves fast in fashion. After a course of outrageous showings in the past year, the conclusion of the Europe fashion weeks in Paris saw a rotation back to simpler times, when it was all about crisply tailored suits.

Take a cue from the likes of Dior Men, LV and Dries Van Noten, which have decidedly gone black with their suit collections. You won’t be made to look out of place when confronted with formal wedding, company D&D and funeral invitations.   

Sienna Black Suit, Suit Supply