by Sheena O.

So fewer couples are now tying the knot in Singapore. At the same time, divorce rates are skyrocketing. That’s according to an article published on Straits Times online just last month. Whilst we can definitely vouch for the perks of being a bachelor, this broke our fragile hearts here at Seriously Man. So much for “’til death do us part”, eh? Well you’re not dead and your ex-wife now has half your money, leaving you dazed, confused and wondering if she’s gonna return the ring you spent three months of salary on. Here’s a list of possible reasons to help put the dismal statistics into perspective.


1. Women’s Charter

A devious little piece of constitution that can be (and has been) used by women to gain the upper hand in the bloody war of divorce. There’s no winning the Battle of Alimony or the Ex-Wife Maintenance Duel. It’s like you trying to win Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in a fight. So before you decide to get hitched, fine-tune your gold-digger radar.


 2. Milk and Wine

It has been said that women age like milk and men like wine. Sure, beauty is not skin-deep. But letting yourself go after marriage is not going to make it easier to love you, whichever gender you are. Not everyone means it when they say for better or worse.


 3. Money, Money, Money

They also say that the best test of a woman’s loyalty comes when her man has nothing, and the best test of a man’s loyalty comes when he has everything. So we put two and two together: Singaporeans are actually married to their bank accounts.


 4. The Seven-Year Itch

It has been statistically proven that the seven-year mark is a divorce hotspot. Also a cheating hotspot. So perhaps humans are just not wired for long-term fidelity. Yes, this is very much legit and scientific, before you call BS. Google it.


 5. The Pants-Down Disease

Since we’re getting all scientific in here, we at SM have discovered the Pants-Down Disease. Unfortunately, like a certain venereal disease, there’s no known cure. Many a marriage has ended simply because guys cannot keep in it and zip it up. Whether you are married to the stunning Jennifer Aniston (looking at you Brad), or a Speaker of Parliament (yes you, Michael Palmer), the Pants-Down disease will always make you think the grass on the other side is greener. Remember, you heard it here first.


6. BTOs (Built-To-Order flats for non-Singaporean friends)

Gentlemen, let it be known that it is never okay under any circumstances to propose with, “Want to apply for HDB together?” Because the price of a mansion in Thailand gets you a three-room HDB in Singapore, getting married just to apply for BTOs may start to seem like a good idea once you hit 25. It definitely wouldn’t seem so after you lose said BTO flat in the divorce proceedings.


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