The discerning eye can pick out a fitted suit from an off-the-rack instantly. Same goes for everyday basics such as your Tees, shirts and sweaters. As a modern day man, you’d have something to prove both in the corporate world and in the social realm. Furthermore, people would’ve already made a judgement about you in the first three seconds of eyeballing your get-up, and that 3 seconds should not, in any instance, scream something along the lines of “hobo!”.

So why aren’t you investing in perfectly fitted clothes already? Be it a svelte charcoal grey suit for a wedding dinner or a casual checkered shirt for a Sunday brunch, fitted clothes are renowned lady-killers. Nay, make that people killers.

Now, what’s going through those heads you’re turning?


1. He’s trustworthy

The guy in the fitted suit is THE go-to guy to take care of things. He knows the devil is in the details, so don’t worry about things going south because he forgot to reserve a table, couldn’t be bothered to check movie timings, or unable to deal with the pressure of an important presentation. You’re in safe hands.


2. He goes the extra mile

A fitted suit can come across effortless, but countless unseen hours have gone into all that made-to-measure prepping what you see before you. So is the t-shirt that seems to be tailor made for his unique body type, but countless trial and error (and money) have gone into that spot-on casual-yet-not-so-casual look. The guy in the fitted suit takes initiative and will go to any lengths. And he will do the same for you.


3. He’s unique

You know when women complain that all guys are the same? This guy isn’t your run-of-the-mill chap. He’s the guy that leaves an indelible impression, and one that you won’t forget easily.


4. His network is as good as his net worth

Need a 3 a.m. fix of space brownies? Backstage passes to Tomorrowland? He knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy.


5. He works hard, play harder

The guy who takes pride in dressing sharp knows how to have a good time. You know that his appearance is a reflection of his life. He knows that Jack cannot be all work and no play, but is serious when he needs to be. And he absolutely oozes sex appeal.


6. He’s got it all figured out

While his peers are struggling to find meaning in what they’re doing in life, he’s crystal clear about his ambitions. He spares no expense gunning for it. Because he’s meticulous about his choice of clothes (he only stocks the essential crew necksfrom the retailer that fits him to a, well, T) and takes pride in his appearance, you can bet he takes pride in his profession as much, if not more. And he doesn’t apologize for all that success.


7. He’s smooth

You wouldn’t expect a man in perfectly fitting threads to be a bumbling idiot, would you? Chances are, he has seriously polished etiquette and a way with words to match the get-up. More importantly, he knows exactly how to make his companion feel like the only one in the world who matters, whether it’s a Friday drinks date or a Bros’ night.