The following are the plain white Tees and jeans of your shoe rack. They are not just nice to have, they are must-haves; if the handsomest men alive, across the fields of showbiz, professional sports and deskbound slavery, swear by them to make their literal mark on the world, you should swear off fugly kicks and get on board with these right away.

And haven’t you heard? Shoes maketh the man! Now maketh it happen!

Oxford shoes: Smartness overload
A footwear equivalent to suits, this dressy AF number is a must have – for your special dates, high stakes interviews or the Monday-to-Friday grind. Getting an Oxford for the latter purpose? It doesn’t hurt stocking another pair in another colour to be worn to death less often.

Brogues: Holes before Bros
This is your dressy-yet-not-that-dressy workhorse that could work just as well for said Monday-to-Friday grind. The perforations on the shoe first served a very specific purpose of draining water, for the times a wearer had to slosh through puddles and wet terrain. Now, who’s to say you can’t also make a splash – with your style smarts?

Loafers: Yacht loafing
Guys in our circle know the loafers by its layman reference – boat shoes. But it is not just confined to the yacht; loafers are your best friend if you’re looking to pare down a stiff, corporate skank-ish outfit for a friend’s wedding, or upgrade your casual Sundays together with those ankle-baring slacks. They lend you an air of gentlemanly grace – if that’s what you’re going for – and you better not spoil the whole damn thing by showing your socks.

Pro tip: Get invisible socks if you don’t want to stink up the precious loaf.

White sneakers: The shoe rack prince
Remember those good ol’ times when you had to wear white shoes as part of your school uniform? We’d bet no one told you it was going to evolve into a cult status level staple, worn by the likes of your favourite pop culture idols right down to influencer-wannabes. From the Stan Smiths to the Axel Arigatos to the Gucci Aces, the white sneaker is inarguably the most versatile option that adapts equally well in formal-ish occasions as much as it does as streetwear.

Trainers: Athleisure pleasures
Sure, the gym is a big part of a man’s life. But thanks to the proliferation of athleisure, it is acceptable to plod beyond the gym in sportier looking footwear as such. You’d find that these guys usually come surprisingly lightweight, with breathable knit material and amazing support to boot.

If you’ve found employment in a place where the head honchos show up in hoodies and Beats by Dre – you’re in luck more than you think. You’d have an easier time chasing after public transportation on work days, although it’s not like you need to clock in at 8.30am on the dot anyway.

Sandals: Show your toes right
Shorts and flip-flops are never appropriate in the city, says Tom Ford. You cannot not listen to the man. We get it, it’s hot all year round, and no man can muster enough willpower to put on shoes for a mere grocery run. If you really have to be seen in open-toed footwear, help your feet look more handsome (and Gladiator-like) with these stylish sandals.

Not feelin’ the sandals? Your next best alternative are sliders. Now go shine at the supermarket.

Boots: More than just about reservist
Here’s a dose of truth: the faux military, anti-establishment get-up is not for everyone. When done wrong, you’d simply look… faux. But for the sake of utilitarianism and high mileage (wintry, too) travels, have a pair ready on your shoe rack.

Or do you belong to the low-mile, low tolerance for heat (and dirt) club? Go for the in-between: Chukka boots.