A man of substance really, really doesn’t need that many embellishments. That’s why only these eight accessories would suffice, if you’re looking to stealth-brag your style smarts and the aforementioned substance without being loud.

Watch: In our world, the watch is the only acceptable man jewellery you can be seen with. Anything more is, well, more. Invest in a timeless classic. Divest yourself of idiotic decisions. Like buying a status symbol you can’t afford.

Sunglasses: Whether it is wayfarers or round frames, or aviators a la Tom Cruise style, a man’s accessories collection must contain a good pair of shades for three reasons. One, shield your peepers from direct UV hits. Two, accentuate your face shape. Three, pretend not to see someone whom you don’t want to see when that same someone already spotted you.

Tie: For the days you need to suit up!

Socks: Here’s some accessories advice that doesn’t sock. Stock a variety of patterned socks to add character to an otherwise boring workwear. In the same drawer, stock a few more of the invisible kind – A.K.A foot covers for those off-duty casual kicks.

Belt: You’ve got to buckle up, big boy. But a belt should be more fashion than function. If you need one to keep your pants up, then those are probably bad fitting pants.

Pocket square: We only realised how tragically uninformed certain demographics of the male population are when they asked us why we stuff handkerchiefs into our suit pockets. A pocket square is not a handkerchief. We don’t wipe our snot with pocket squares. It is your coup de grace to polish up the look of a suit.

Cardholder: It is possible that a sleek leather bifold from your favoured luxury fashion house can make even a debit card look like a Black Card.

Bracelet: Unless you’ve got the kind of forearms that could make any girl swoon at first flex, you may skip this part. (Pro tip: Ditch the religious beads and donkey hair threads. A subtle black leather or woven bracelet could work here. Never stack the wrist with additional jewellery or a timepiece.)