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…the one and only men’s lifestyle blog you need to know about in Singapore

In our modern generation right now, it is not enough to be just a man. You’ve got to be The Man. Over here, you’ll find everything you need to know about the art (and science) of being one. Whether it is the way you dress, what to style your mane with, your game with the ladies or heck, what to eat for tomorrow’s breakfast (you are what you eat, man), we’ve got you covered. Promise.

Now who exactly are we, you ask? Just a gangly gang of everyday Bros that is more than happy to play that incredibly cool, savvy, somewhat sensible and kickass Bro you never had. Say good bye to generically bad advice; every single thing that we write about and feature on SERIOUSLY MAN, from man bags and sneakers to suits and automobiles, have all been painstakingly tried and tested by us to make sure you get the absolute best.

The S.M. Team has an unwavering belief that becoming a better man than yesterday (or 10 minutes ago) starts with dressing better. While you don’t have swerve as far as the fashion mavericks of Milan or Paris, picking up our superbly curated style and grooming hacks can get you places. It’s like a cheat sheet to life. Trust. We also believe you have spent more than enough time on Google searches, so here we are, shamelessly offering our take with quintessential guy guides.

Seriously, man. Take it from a bunch of guys who are, well, seriously men.


Q: How should the blog title be read? Is it “Seriously Man”, or  “Seriously, man“?

Team S.M: Maaan, do we love a good dilemma. For you.

Q: Where are you guys based in?

Team S.M: Singapore. Or as we’d like to call it whenever we land back in Changi from foreign soils, the #SixFive!

Q: Team SM is made up of…?

Team S.M: An exclusive, close-knitted group of self-made (by that we mean self-styled) gentlemen who are passionate about living the manly man’s life, and then empowering all the dudes out there to do the same. When we are not donned in our sexy spandex suits saving guys from beta-manliness, we’re probably busy putting together #flatlays of the best clothing/accessories you can possibly get your hands on.

Q: Will reading your articles really turn me into a sexy beast?

Team S.M: We think the question here is, why wouldn’t it?

Q: If there’s one piece of advice you can give all of us, what would it be?

Team S.M: Listen to Yves Saint Laurent: Fashions fade, style is forever. Also, never take yourself too seriously. We’re serious about not being all that serious.

Q: You guys seem cool. Can I add you on Facebook?

Team S.M: No. Or at least not individually. But you’re most welcome to like our Facebook page. While you’re at it, go follow our Instagram. Kthxbye.


  1. is seriously an adv. or an adj.?

    1. It depends on your preference, Mr Joe. We’re all about people power 😉

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