Seriously good reads on manly affairs.

Seriously Man is an award-winning blog delivering the scoop on how men can look their absolute best. Based in Singapore, it is founded on these beliefs:

a) The world runs on superficiality (why, hello, Tinder);

b) Money can buy handsomeness. And thus, happiness;

c) Men don’t care enough for personal grooming. If you fail to groom, you’re groomed to fail, so it was said. (Saving you the Google search on the genius behind this illuminating quote – it’s me.)

It’s true. Ask the ladies, with their endless bookmarks of beauty influencers and warpaint tutorials. Or if you’re lucky enough, ask the Davids (Beckham) and the Toms (Ford), men who aren’t afraid to indulge in skincare and manscaping. 

Those are some big shoes to fill, but it’s high time I indulged myself to assume the mantle of The Guy; having swum through an ocean of grooming products, and having blown my life savings on them, I figured I’m in a somewhat OK position to flex my cosmic handsomeness journalistic muscles and report what it’d take to go from a man to The Man. 

Because in a time fraught with social media noise, misinformed ‘Bro’ advices, questionable news sources and even more questionable men running nations, how to survive the treacherous modern day as a man is scary confusing.  

But through it all, I truly believe it starts with good hygiene.

So go on, give Seriously Man a read. Let yourself be groomed for success – quite literally. From clever grooming moves to top-shelf lotion-potions your budget can get you, you’ll find what you need in these pages.

To quote myself, the editor of this space, “Seriously, man. What have you got to lose?”


Q: How should the publication be read? Is it ‘Seriously Man’, or  “Seriously, man“?

SM: And therein lies the power of punctuations.

Q: Who are the people making up the team at Seriously Man?

SM: A struggling journalist, an entrepreneurial up-and-comer, and a narc who lives in black tee and jeans. They’re the same guy.

Q: Will reading your articles really turn me into The Man?

SM: The real question is, why wouldn’t it?

Q: Does Seriously Man report exclusively on men’s grooming affairs? What about food?

SM: There is no lack of food for thought in our guy guides. Or what I call, Guydes.

Q: If there’s one piece of advice you can give all of us, what would it be?

SM: Learn the basis of dressing smart and cultivate good grooming habits. The world is more superficial than ever, exploit that.

Q: You guys seem cool. Like Batman-level cool.

SM: Then follow SERIOUSLY MAN on Facebook and Instagram immediately.


  1. is seriously an adv. or an adj.?

    1. It depends on your preference, Mr Joe. We’re all about people power 😉

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