Spotted on Amanda Chaang’s IG caption: I’m so peachy, I would be great in a fruit salad.

While we have little doubt that’d make one heck of a fruit salad, when it comes to any form of union between two lovers, the peachiness is only as good as the ups and downs, trials and tribulations. February, the designated month of romance, artisanal chocolates and eye-watering dinner menus as we know it, would then see us see you through the concept of Love via Mrs Jon Chua’s lens.

What’s Amanda all about?

I am spontaneous, sassy, overprotective of my loved ones and a little too stubborn for my own good. 

You host Astro SuperSport programs in Malaysia, before relocating to Singapore to settle down with your new hubby, Sam Willows’ lead guitarist and vocalist, Jon Chua. How are you dealing with the whole new life?

I still host for Astro and we’re beginning our new season pretty soon so I’m gonna start travelling back and forth again. I’m still primarily based here in Singapore and I’m slowly adjusting with time. I have my good and bad days but I also have an amazing group of friends who keep me in check and care for me. It’s so important to have a good support system you know!

Before we wrap up the month of love, tell us: What’s the biggest lesson of married life?

The biggest blessing of married life is that I’ve found my person – my confidant, my lover, my supporter and defender, my future.

But it doesn’t come without challenges, which is learning to compromise. You live your whole life as a single entity and with marriage, it’s not just about you anymore. You have another being to care for, you have to consider their needs and wants. 

Walk us through the love story of how you became Mrs Jon Chua.

He basically slipped into my DMs on Instagram – it was cute! We were friends first and were really getting to know each other for a while. Jon is a very driven, tenacious and decisive man. He knows what he wants and he will work extremely hard to get it. His brain works in the most mysterious ways and I love watching him work, coming up with ideas, solutions and the whole process, it’s almost like magic! It’s beautiful!

You’re quite the patron saint of fashion. What’s one men’s #OOTD that’d make you take notice?

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to fashion. On a daily basis, wear what makes you comfortable. I love checking out what other people are wearing and drawing ideas from them, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that but just make it your own.

Men love falling back on the weather as an excuse to avoid dressing up. How can one beat the heat and still look sharp as hell?

The weather in our part of the world does make dressing up a lot more challenging but you can still look put together. Just be mindful of the fabrics you choose, choose breathable fabrics in styles that are not too constricting.

This is such a common trend and while it might be so tempting to just put on a pair of flip flops, go for boat shoes or casual sneakers. Unless you’re heading to the beach or pool, flip flops just spoil your whole outfit. 

Grooming pet peeve?

Bad teeth. This applies all across the board. Everyone should make a trip to the dentist every 6 months. 

You’ve been in showbiz. And in there, surely you have picked up on industry grooming hacks that the average guy may not know of. 

One word: brows. Do your brows, guys! Just light little strokes across your eyebrows can make all the difference. It brightens up your eyes and helps frame your face better. 

If there’s someone guys could absorb style and grooming excellence from, who would it be?

Johannes Huebl. He’s always impeccably dressed no matter the occasion. 

A man is at his sexiest when he is…?

In his element. 



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