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How To Look Like a Billion Bucks Under $100

According to sentiments of economic analysts, the Singapore economy isn't looking all that good for the next couple of years. But you sure as hell can. Even with a few bucks, so to speak. Looking your absolute best before you step out of the door everyday is more about what to spend on (and reading...
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Volkswagen Golf GTI: Team SM Drives Das Hatchback

My heart howled in ecstasy when the test unit of the Volkswagen Golf GTI pulled up. It was black. Anything that came in black would almost always feel just about right, just about badass. Especially so when the Golf GTI had red grille frame lines running across the front. It indeed appeared sporty. When I…

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Get-up Of The Week: Grooming Special

Kinohimitsu Collagen Men SGD 279.60   MACA ROOT EYE SERUM For Men SGD30.90   SHISEIDO MEN Cleansing Foam SGD30.45   SHISEIDO MEN Hydrating Lotion SGD41.05   Men’s Oil Eliminator Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Face Wash SGD29.13   Clear Improvement┬« Active charcoal mask to clear pores SGD33.10   CLINIQUE Aloe Shave Gel SGD22.51   CLINIQUE Post-Shave Soother…

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