Guys being guys, we spend an inordinate amount of time with women – women who are pretty as they’re witty – only because we love milking their brains on ways guys can bring sexy back, or ways to win them (and their gals) over, for the matter.

And who are we kidding? They simply make damn good company.

The month of October almost always throws up two things: Oktoberfest and Halloween. Nominally, they have nothing to do with our woman of the hour, host of HBO Asia and NIKE ambassador Carla Dunareanu. Or do they? For one, She did grow up in the German city of Essen before relocating to Singapore to pursue her studies and acting. Two, it’s safe to say she comes across scary – scary talented, versatile and vivacious.

She takes 5 minutes off of her latest Channel 5 drama KIN and red carpet hosting to chop up some serious, manly biz.

What’s Carla all about?

Carla is all about fun, laughter, tight hugs, loving animals, working out, traveling the world, eating EVERYTHING and spending time with the people that matter the most.

You’ve had quite the journey in showbiz and you’ve hardly shied away from the cam. Have you always been a natural like that? 

To be honest – and this may sound very thick skinned – I’ve always loved performing. Although I get butterflies in my tummy from time to time, I love what I do and I love being in front of people.

I may not always get it right and mistakes are a part of the job, but I love laughing at my blunders and making the best of what would normally be an awkward situation. I don’t take myself too seriously, so that really helps with constantly being in the public eye. What you see is what you get.

Any celebrity made you break character and go absolutely awestruck?

TOM CRUISE. TOM CRUISE. TOM CRUISE. That man is UN-FREAKING-REAL and I’ve had the honour of interviewing him twice! I even got to hug him! Which may sound super creepy, but I promise it wasn’t. (Yes, he smelt amazing)

It’s pretty clear that fitness is a way of life for you. All time favourite workout regime/sports…

RUNNING! I used to hate it (with a passion) but now it’s become an extension of myself. I can literally do it anywhere in the world and it’s also a great way to sightsee when you’re on holiday!

Since we’re on workouts, something for the gym bros: Is it ever wise to approach that cute girl pounding away at the treadmill?

Stick to Tinder, bro. If a chick is in the gym, she’s working on herself. Not you.

Seriously Man is all about effortless handsomeness. Let’s switch gears to style & grooming. What kind of get-up do you dig on a guy?

I love the sporty look! A man who’s got taste in sneakers is definitely on my must-watch list. I’m not much into fashion myself, and the guy doesn’t need to look like he spends hours on his get-up. But I do appreciate someone who puts a little bit of effort into the way he’s dressed.

Give me a man in a nice fitted white T-shirt, blue jeans, white AirForce 1’s and I’m sold.

Most must-have grooming weapon?

Moisturiser! Unless you’re blessed with naturally great skin, I think a lot of guys underestimate the power of a good face moisturiser. I’m not asking you to have a 30-minute beauty routine. But come on, bro! Take care of that face!! And besides, if you’ve got baby soft skin, who wouldn’t want to cuddle up nice and close? 🙂

What do Singaporean guys do differently compared to their counterparts in other parts of the world you’ve been to? 

I think guys in the Philippines put in a bit more effort into how they dress. They’re pretty into styles and trends. In Singapore, a lot of us opt for comfort over style.

In Germany where I was raised, fashion is a big thing because the weather allows it. People there are also a lot more daring with their fashion choices. It’s such a liberal country, no one really worries about looking strange or different by being true to who they really want to be. And I LOVE that.

You do you, boo.

Complete the sentence: A man is at his sexiest when he is _______________. 

Self aware.

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