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Seriously Man Dictionary – The A-Z Of Being The Man

  Good morning/afternoon/evening, gentlemen. Today, let’s get schooled in the ABC’s (literally) of our Seriously Man ethos. Oxford has their own dictionary with the latest addition of “selfie” and even their lesser know cousin “Coxford” boast one of their own –filled with a lexicon of Singlish terminologies. We’re not sure if those guys have a…

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How to: Overcome Jealousy

If only we had a pill to contain the Green-eyed Monster within us if it gets out of hand. Surely at some point you must have felt that sourness from the depths of your bowels when you see… a) Your girl talking to another dude who’s more attractive than you, when he’s probably just a…

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How To: Be The Ultimate Gentleman

To win over the ladies in a heartbeat, you have to first work from the inside out. It is unfortunate that in today’s Strawberry Generation, chivalry and manliness is somewhat lost in tradition. How can you take care of the lady if you can’t even begin to hold your sh*t together? Becoming the ultimate, modern…

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