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Volkswagen Golf GTI: Team SM Drives Das Hatchback

My heart howled in ecstasy when the test unit of the Volkswagen Golf GTI pulled up. It was black. Anything that came in black would almost always feel just about right, just about badass. Especially so when the Golf GTI had red grille frame lines running across the front. It indeed appeared sporty. When I…

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Volvo S60T5 Drive-E: Team SM Drives Safest Sports Sedan

Whenever Volvo is brought up, either one or two things come to mind: world’s safest car or SBS buses. While the latter impression is as unflattering as the square (literally and figuratively) sedans of yesteryears, you might want to change your mind about the Swedish brand as quick as we accelerated the S60T5 Drive-E sports…

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