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What a Smart Man Does Before Asking For a Pay Raise

It’s the hardest conversation you’ll ever have with your current or potential employer about deserving more – or is it? Know your role, Jabroni We meant know your worth, in your role. But we’ll first have to start by predicating this whole thing on the one most important assumption: you’ve worked really hard. So hard…

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Genial Genitals: Are You Cleansing Your Penis Right?

Since a very young age, I’ve been a voracious swimmer. I pride myself on being able to hold my breath for long periods of time. I’m volunteering this seemingly irrelevant piece of information because the first time I went down on a guy, I remember it sucked. It sucked because it stank bad. Picture yourself…

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This Is Officially The Word(s) That Sums Up 2018

Facts are facts, gentlemen… Or so you thought. In an era where sensational clickbaits and deepfakes make up a big portion of our online diet, it’s never been harder to weed out fact from fiction. And that’s why the word that sums up 2018 is ‘misinformation’ - as crowned by Really, in a year...
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