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This Is Officially The Word(s) That Sums Up 2018

Facts are facts, gentlemen… Or so you thought. In an era where sensational clickbaits and deepfakes make up a big portion of our online diet, it’s never been harder to weed out fact from fiction. And that’s why the word that sums up 2018 is ‘misinformation’ - as crowned by Really, in a year...
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All The Blackest Friday Deals Guys Should Know About

You deserve it, gentlemen. You deserve to treat yo self today all through to Monday, for that tough ass project you led your team to conquering. Or for being the awesome boyfriend you (well, maybe not always) have been. For the tiresome shackles of masculinism – manning up through all the crap you have to…

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Amazon Has a Manly Man Holiday Gift Guide For You

E-commerce giants Amazon can safely say they’ve had, and will have the most wonderful time of the year. It pulled off a resounding success on their first ever Prime Day in July, marked its first anniversary in Singapore, and most of all, it is capping off its streak of firsts by making it all about…

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