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Volkswagen Golf GTI: Team SM Drives Das Hatchback

My heart howled in ecstasy when the test unit of the Volkswagen Golf GTI pulled up. It was black. Anything that came in black would almost always feel just about right, just about badass. Especially so when the Golf GTI had red grille frame lines running across the front. It indeed appeared sporty. When I…

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Top 8 Important Man Lessons From LKY

It was a Monday mourning at 3.18am, 23rd March 2015, when Singapore’s founding father (or affectionately, Ah Gong) Mr Lee Kuan Yew a.k.a LKY passed on. There is a time for grieve, but there is also a time to celebrate his “giant of history” achievements that could very well inspire you to lead a manlier,…

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