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9 Modern Day Man Skills You Should Know (Yet You Don’t)

At this point, I’m confident you’ve already picked up many a man skill from our savvy guy guides and The Mansplainer’s mansplanations. But upgrading your handsomeness, circumnavigating social snafus and dealing with matters of the heart are really cakewalks when your survival is threatened. Case in point: facing off a wild boar that has strayed…

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The Gold Standard Guide To Serious Abs

Ask any gym and non-gym goer what the holy grail of fitness is, and at least 95% will come back with ‘Abs’. Because it is difficult to achieve and everyone loves to show it off, much literature has been published on the art and science of ab carving. Unfortunately, few can say they are a…

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Straight Outta Uni: The Career Starter Kit You Fresh Grads Need

Grats on the grad, fellas. You’ve hurled your mortarboards and nailed the interview at that brand name start-up you think you’re going to love (“how would you describe yourself?”). The time has come for you to become part-breadwinner of the family, ball out at your first job, and at the same time, recoup that eyeball jabbing sum you loaned…

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