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STUDY: Love At First Sight Is Really Just Lust

Despite the grandiose notions of romance peddled by Hollywood productions and sappy Korean TV dramas, you might want to reconsider your belief in love at first sight. Science has other ideas: according to studies quoted in a Psychology Today blog post, the passion felt at the start of a relationship is often driven by lust,…

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5 Secrets Of Mahathir To Staying Sharp As Hell At 92

While Malaysia is still reeling from new Prime Minister Mahathir’s upset victory over Barisan Nasional (BN), we’re reeling over something just as stunning: his ability to make a successful comeback at age 92 to be elected as PM once more. With hectic campaigning schedules, fiscal debts and the weight of a nation on his shoulders,…

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Wear This On Your Next Date And Get Lucky

It’s an open secret that wearing red increases your attractiveness and sex appeal. Numerous scientific studies have proven it and coined it the ‘red effect’. It does not hold true for women only, but for men as well. But that doesn’t mean you’re literally going to peacock in red overalls to get hot strangers hurling…

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How Likely Will Singaporeans Boycott Facebook?

If Facebook has taught us gentlemen at Seriously Man anything, it’s that: Having a style uniform in place, such as wearing the same grey crew neck and denim everyday, can relieve precious minutes in the morning so we may focus on matters of national importance. Privacy policies don’t mean squat. You are your own privacy…

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David Beckham Is Here To Help You Look Handsome

With enough practice, you could probably bend it like Beckham. But more importantly, are you able to groom it like Beckham? In a collaboration with L’Oréal, former Manchester United man slash fashion icon David Beckham has just launched his grooming line called House 99. While details on the products within the range are hazy (though…

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It’s Official: Singapore Has The Pickiest Bagels

With a reputation as a foodie’s paradise, Singaporeans can be picky about their food. That begs the question: why wouldn’t they be the same for their Bagels? In an annual report compiled by Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB), one of the most popular dating apps today, they took a look back at the year 2017 and…

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