As self-styled style maestros, the only thing we hate more than the ching-chong-chang music during Chinese New Year are superstitions that discourage us from wearing dark colours. Seriously, it’s a big bummer. Not only do we have to specially spend money on articles of red clothing and risk looking like a giant walking angpow, we can’t pull off the timelessness and svelte sophistication that the deeper shades can bless us with.

And considering that dark clothing is widely worn for its slimming effect, the obese peeps among us can also forget about hiding the CNY paunch.

At the risk of offending the stick in the muds out there, let us just say that when bad luck wants to happen, it will happen. Wearing red on CNY isn’t going to change a damn thing. But with respect to the occasion, is there room for negotiation if you insist on those dark-on-dark outfits you’ve come to love so much? Can you still persist with your darker-than-thou attitude without receiving death stares from your relatives?

The answer is yes, yes, yes. Because you aren’t a Thai national whose dead king made a one-time exception to wear black over CNY, we’re providing you with a very simple style trick to incorporate dark shades and still cruise through visitations without as much as a disapproving side eye from Grandma.

Heck, you’d look so good even Lady Luck can’t help but tip those games of blackjack in your favour.

Now then. We know that once you go black, you don’t go back. But if you must go dark, go for black’s BFF: NAVY. It is the baseline before things venture into the black and blasphemous zone. Even if anal Aunty Lucy does question your wardrobe choice, you can get technical and tell her “at least it’s not black!”

To further ensure you straddle style and superstition like a pro, make it a navy shirt with subtle pin dots. Then, keep the rest of your outfit light. A pair of slim white jeans like our pick from Acne Studios here would be your smarty pants move. Roll up the hems a couple of times and slip on a pair of red sneakers for the final contrast. With any luck, everyone will be paying way too much attention to your get-up to think about prying into your dating life.

Oh, don’t forget the red underwear. It could make or break your overnight mahjong sesh.

1.Only & Sons Dot Jacquard Shirt

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2.  Acne Studios Ace Slim-Fit Stretch-Denim Jeans

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3. New Look Woven Leather Belt in Brown

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4. Stretch Garment Dye Shirt Jacket in Navy

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5. Striped Burnout V-Neck

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6. G-Star Branco Aviator Sunglasses In Copper

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7. Squarestreet SQ38 Plano Watch

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8. Adidas Men’s Originals Gazelle Sneakers in Red

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9. Calvin Klein Liquid Stretch Low Rise Trunks

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