Your day job calls for it. Your after dark gig might call for it. Your weekend dates call for it. And whether you’re on the right side of the law or not, your court hearings would call for it.

Shirts are important first team wardrobe players when you have to show up somewhere and look like a decent adult who has his shit together. Which means right about now, we should be in ‘Get Shirt Done’ mode.

1. Fit, fit, fit

We don’t care if you’re a gym bro with boulder shoulders, or a Jack Skellington with no shoulders; apply the same rule as you would with T-shirts and make sure the shoulder seams end right where your shoulder rounds off to your arm.

2. Body fit

The dialogue on Perfect Fit continues. We suppose you don’t go for tailored shirts very often, which is fair. While shopping off the rack shirts is still the norm, those with an untrained eye can easily screw up and get something a tad too big, or too tight.

Remember, different retailers have different size guides. We know you REALLY love that check shirt; but rather than downsizing to the extent you’re wearing a leotard, pay attention to the fit type. There’s a high likelihood you’re better off with a slimmer fit at your usual size.

3. Flaring shirts

There SHOULD NOT be any unsightly flappy fabric around the sides if tucked in. Otherwise, you might have gotten something a little too big. The fit should taper at the waist before normalising down to the hem.

4. Collar

There are dozens of shirt collar types, including the Mandarin Collar – which is no collar. Is it important to know all of them? For the sake of sounding knowledgeable, yes. Do you need to know all of them? Hell no. But over here at SERIOUSLY MAN, our rule is simply to keep the collar spread (how flared out the collar points are) narrow or buttoned down for a handsomer look.

5. Cuffs

Let it stop just past the wrist bone.

6. Shirt length

Put your hands in the air. Like you do care (about your shirting). If your entire abdomen is showing, it’s too short. If it’s playing peek-a-boo with your scrotum, it might be a little long.

7. Shirt tail

The back hem of your shirt that’s rounded and elongated (past the front hem). Some are cut straight and uniform.

Why’s this important? So you’d know if the shirt is meant to be tucked in, or out. Rounded tails are usually found on dressier shirts for your corporate grind – so in it goes. The straight versions can hang out for max casual vibes.