Named the ECCO CREPETRAY, ECCO’s brand new casual collection in the Spring/Summer 2018 launch features four different silhouettes for both the men and ladies. Interestingly, one of them – the ECCO CREPETRAY Derby – is said to be able to pull off a chameleon magic of its own under high temperature.

Considering the woodfire grill-like climate of Singapore, a wearer of the CREPETRAY Derby would surely be hard pressed to miss the colour change once outdoors; the uppers of the shoe is constructed out of perforated Kromatafor leather for a luxurious, futuristic edge (that would not look too out of place at, say, Wakanda), while the technology within the leather lining is responsible for the colour switcheroo. Another noteworthy feature is the ECCO Comfort Fibre System™ built into the removable leather-covered inlay sole, which amps up the breathability the Derby shoes.

The CREPETRAY Derby turns a shade of Chili Red for the ladies’, and Dynasty for the men’s.

If nothing else, it could work out to be a neat parlour trick to get noticed at work by indifferent co-workers.

The other silhouettes in the CREPETRAY collection include stylish classics such as the Desert Boot (our top pick, for its ability to pair brilliantly with both casual and smart casual outfits), moccasin-inspired Wallabee (for men only) and Espadrille (for ladies only).


ECCO CREPETRAY moccasin-inspired Wallabee

Along with the Derby, they sport the CREPETRAY crepe rubber sole, a modern spin on the utilitarian ‘veldskoen’ shoe worn by the first Dutch settlers in South Africa. Thanks to the company’s FLUIDFORM™ technology, a honey-like rubber compound and an anatomically-shaped inlay sole, we could all be walking into warmer months in footwear that is comfortable, form-fitting and grippy.

The ECCO CREPETRAY collection will be available at ECCO concept stores and online starting at $219.90.