by Love Out Loud Asia


Guys, have you ever been really excited for a first date, only to have the girl never contact you again after? If this applies to you and you have no idea what you’re doing wrong, you might be shooting off your mouth too much or asking a few taboo questions which are, trust us, major turn-offs. Read on to find out more about the 11 questions you should never ask a girl on the first date!


1) Why are you still single?

Okay, we get it that you sincerely want to know, especially if you think we’re a ‘good catch’. But the incredulity in the question only highlights the fact that despite the qualities she possesses, she is still unable to find a partner. Herein lies the problem: your question frames her having a lack of partner as something undesirable, and to be resolved.


2) Have you ever done (something sexual)?

This question is only reserved for couples in a stable, long term relationship, and is not meant for someone you’ve just started courting. Even if both of you are very comfortable and open with each other, we would advise you to err on the side of caution and steer clear from this question!


3) How many guys have you been with?

Similar to the above – although people are becoming increasingly open about their sexuality, to ask a girl how many guys she has been with during courtship is seriously too fast too soon.


4) Are those real?

It has become a norm for girls to enhance their beauty with products like black-rimmed contact lenses and eyelash extensions. If you’re into the “natural” look, put it across in a positive light – tell her she looks just as beautiful without makeup, and she’ll take it much better than if you ask her if her eyelashes are real, or, worse, if you tell her that fake eyelashes are gross.


5) What do you want to do?

Girls like it when guys make date plans for them, because it shows that they care enough to put in an effort. When you’re on a first date, you definitely want to impress the girl, so do your homework, and don’t leave things up to chance.


6) Why didn’t you answer my text/call?

No one wants to be that whiny partner who’s constantly seeking attention or validation. Give her some space, and your relationship will grow a lot faster.


7) Can I kiss you?

If the moment is right, just go for it. Asking permission for a kiss – depending on how you do it exactly – might make you seem like a gentleman if you play it correctly, but most often just makes you look like a wuss.


8) Are you PMS-ing?

Do not, I repeat, do not ask a girl whether she is having PMS. If she really is hormonal because of her period, understand that she likes it no more than you do, and that she didn’t ask for it.


9) What’s wrong with me?

If the girl you’re pursuing shows little interest in you, perhaps it’s time to hit the road. Asking her what you’re lacking reveals insecurity and a lack of confidence, which will only serve to drive her further away. As the saying goes: if it’s meant to be, things will eventually fall into place.


10) Have you put on weight?

Weight is and will always be a sensitive topic that you should steer clear of. For the sake of your general well-being, never ask this to any female, even the ones that you’re not romantically attracted to!


11) Why are you eating so much?

Unless you know that she is legit binge-eating (and even then, there are better ways to start this conversation), this question is highly prescriptive at best and misogynistic at worst. Remember that not everyone has the same metabolic rate as you!


If you’re a clueless guy, these 11 questions may seem harmless to you. But females don’t see it the same way as you do, and remember to not bring any of these up during your first date, in order to ensure that your potential relationship with her doesn’t get cut short right off the bat!


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