Apparently, the 4 main superpowers that make up the Avengers have a new common super-villain in town: ugly, unkempt scruff. In a shocking move that got the team here more than a little excited (it takes a lot to), Stark Industries ventured out of its niche in science and technology to partner with Gillette, and now we gentlemen have 4 different uber cool grooming weapons at our disposal.

The new Fusion ProGlide boasts a host of new breakthroughs for a smoother shave: the “Power” version is AAA-battery operated and the micro-pulses zap away any skin-nicking discomfort you might feel. The automatic shut off ¬†feature helps conserve the juice in the event of accidental activation. The razor also comes installed with larger Lubrastrip for a lubricated, comfortable glide. And guess what? These are only a few of the many improvements that could very well set you up for a superheroic shave in the mornings to come.

We wouldn’t be surprised if you were caught wielding it with wild abandon in the bathroom, while battle-roaring into the poor mirror. Well, whatever it takes to clean up your Machiavellian mug, right?

Superheroes being superheroes, Ironman, Captain America, Thor and Hulk seem to know exactly what they’re doing, even if it’s unfamiliar territory like men’s grooming. But why not let the Avengers take care of it?

We’re just not so sure about Hulk, though.