Ask any fashionably woke people about colour matching, and they will never fail to mansplain (or womansplain, as some of you ladies are guilty of) the importance of how it should complement your skin tone.

Richer colours should go with the pale skinned. Warm toned complexion should go with the warmer palette. Those of neither extremes should try anything and everything, because they can. Yada, yada, yada.

Despite the good intentions of these well-founded theories, we’re officially throwing the rule book out the window. We have simpler ones: if you look good in it, you look good, period. And matching your top and bottom to blissful harmony should be common sense. If you don’t feel like you have any to begin with, the following should colour you good.

  1. Pastel Pink

Best paired with: Navy / Grey / Khaki / Blue jeans

Screw the archaic gender conventions. Real men can wear pink, a la Gatsby. The trick is to ease into it with a subtler shade and pair it with fail-safe choices of bottoms: navy, grey and khaki. Your favourite pair of blue jeans, too, works just fine.

  1. Maroon

Best paired with: Indigo jeans / White jeans / Khaki

We get it: traditionally, red has been known to invite luck. It plays up your dateability. But one wrong move, you’d get noticed for the wrong reasons. Make them the right reasons with red’s muted yet groovier cousin: maroon.

Go with indigo jeans if you wish to remain low on the profile but high on the style quotient. Pair it with white for extra flair.

  1. Mustard

Best paired with: Navy / White / Black

What’s welcoming on your burger may not be the same for what you wear. Mustard is an advanced level move that should be kept in check with solid monochromatic shades.

  1. Sky Blue

Best paired with: Black / Dark Grey / Khaki / White jeans

A staple colour that you cannot do without, especially for oxford shirts. Second only to a crisp white top, blue is as cool and classic as they come. And of course, not forgetting its versatility in complementing a wide spectrum of colours.

  1. Violet

Best paired with: Light washed jeans / White jeans / Black

Arguably, there’s not much room for experimenting when it comes to Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2018. If you fancy channelling your inner Prince without ending up like a court jester, stick to black or lighter washed jeans to pair. Otherwise, you could always tone it down by snagging the Lilac shade.

  1. Olive Green

Best paired with: White / Black / Grey / Light washed jeans

Olive green has seen a great renaissance with its throwback to military wear. Don’t spoil the renaissance. Whether you’re new (and late) to the olive green party or an old guard, you’d certainly do right by it when you mate it to the B/W. Go with grey for extra style points.

  1. White

Best paired with: Black / Navy / Grey

We know we’re supposed to go back to basics here and nail the neutral hued get-up. White/Black, White/Grey and White/Navy come to mind. But we’d be remiss not to mention white goes with everything. Stock your whites in multiples, TYVM.

  1. Grey + Black

It doesn’t hurt to play with different shades of grey, if you will.

  1. Black On Black

Technically, there’s no colour pairing. So be it. In the world of monochromatism, all-black is a classic ensemble you’d fall back on whenever you’re unsure or have run out of ideas. Many a celebrity have done it, be it a movie premiere or a coffee run. Morticia Addams is an advocate. The world’s most famous rugby nation made it an iconic uniform. Now, why shouldn’t you go black and never look back?