by Apple T

Everyone has resolutions, but not everyone follows through. Seriously, everything on the 2015 wishlist dies within 24 hours. They say change is the only constant, and it’s also the law of life since nobody is given all the best qualities. However, you can still make a conscientious effort throughout the year on improving your flawed aspects to be a Better Man (yes, just like the Robbie Williams song). And doing just that to become a savvy dandy gentleman in 2015 isn’t at all rocket science. It’s as simple as ABC, or following the following 5 blurp tips.


  1. Be comfortable in your own skin

What does that mean? Appreciate yourself and put yourself first. Treat yourself how you would like others to treat you. From there treat other people the same way. You can’t be a better person if you don’t start with learning how to take care of yourself.


  1. Stop deceiving yourself

No one likes to air their dirty laundry. And sure as hell, no one likes to let go of that massive male ego and appear vulnerable. According to psychology, self-deception is one of the popular evasion methods that people use to avoid themselves from feeling guilty while allowing themselves to escape from something they do not want to face. We’re guessing some of you are stuck in a dead end job that you been settling in for the past 4 years and instead of breaking out to do what you truly want to pursue, you tell yourself you’re doing just a-ok because you’re comfortable. The great gentleman knows if he’s not satisfied with status quo and boldly shoves a resignation letter down the bossman’s throat. Well, metaphorically, at least. Assuming you have already taken calculated risks, spread your wings, leave the self-deception behind, and embark on that long awaited passion project you’ve merely been fantasizing about in your cubicle prison.


  1. Surround Yourself With “Better” People

Jim Rohn said it best: “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. Surround yourself with people you see something admirable in, or people who give you that much needed value in your life. All that’s left to do is to befriend one such person, hang out with him/her over more Friday night beers and go multiply that by 5.


  1. Admit your f*ck-ups like a man

Successful people like Oprah Winfrey are against covering losses up with fancy PR tactics. Instead they will step up and say “I own it and I’m going to fix it” Similarly, if you made a mistake be it minute or substantial, own up to it and fix it.

Let’s see if this is familiar. Just over at that loco NYE party, you’ve had one too many Tequila and you woke up the next morning with a painful realization in the head: shit, was I safe? Well it’s too late and it’s too bad, you can’t turn back time. Although, it really doesn’t hurt to right it with a dose of gentlemanhood. Instead of creeping out like a mouse and leaving her hanging, let her know it was a great night. Offer to get her some breakfast. Save the thank-you’s. Own it, fix it and make the best out of a sticky situation.


  1. Eliminate bad habits

Bad habits are like that annoying mosquito that buzzes in your ear. It’s just… annoying. To not just yourself, but to your social circle. Are you one of those “ho’s over bros” kind of guy who conveniently forgets about his Bros right after getting a girlfriend? Or are you one of those who lights up like a chimney? Maybe you’re one of those overly douchey friends who never gives credit. Sounding like Mumsy is the last thing we want to accomplish, but overcoming bad habits demonstrate one respectable manly quality: putting in that initiative and effort to get your shit together.

Don’t wait till your friends stage an intervention for you.



Well, not everyone is perfect, but if you just take that first step to make that little but significant difference, Future You will thank you as he sits in a rocking armchair with a glass of Bourbon, wondering what a fine old gentleman he is.


Gee, talk about bad habits, right?