It is true that the hair lends an added dimension of handsomeness to a man’s look. Except that when guys finally get down to the styling, the end result looks the opposite of an actor/musician/athlete’s ‘do they have been trying to emulate. What gives?

Save for an on-demand team of personal stylists, you only need one prep step, one gadget and one technique to DIY your way from weird looking dude with cowlicks to someone who is out to kill.

This is all you’d have to be doing in between the time you roll out of bed and strut out the door.

The Prep Step: Your out of bed, out of control hair needs to be tamed to the right conditions before the actual styling can take place effectively. Run a quick lukewarm shower (without shampoo) and towel dry your hair to moderate dampness.

The Gadget: Don’t let it dry on its own while you consume your breakfast or take your morning dump. This is, in fact, the make-or-break window when you should be making a beeline for your hair dryer. Although you might be late AF for work (or a hot date) and it eats more minutes than you can afford, the blow-drying process softens the hair and adds volume for better manipulation of hairstyles.

The Technique: So you claim to be good with your fingers. Put it to good use and learn to scrunch, twist and finger sweep your styling product over your hair – without contacting your scalp.

OK, so we lied. There are 3 techniques. But having them in your back pocket (as opposed to a fugly orange comb) is the coup de grâce in creating that seemingly anti-gravity, perfectly textured movie star hairstyle all day, every day.