Looking handsome fast may come across an exaggeration you want to believe in, but you can close the gap to said exaggeration as long as you make the effort to understand your complexion type and implement the appropriate grooming regime.

You’ll be surprised at the world of difference it makes just by washing your face twice daily with a cleanser, before proceeding to slap on some moisturizer. Now, if you are questioning why on Earth you should invest extra minutes (and extra money) doing that when you don’t have much time (and spare cash to build a personal grooming counter – which is totally unnecessary FYI) to begin with, we would admit this is a zero sum game: fast tracking your way to handsomeness would require some form of sacrifice.

Also, for you swole Bros built like Olympians, as well as you stylish gentlemen backed by a well-stocked wardrobe, why waste what you have? Be the complete package by having a head-turning, handsome mug to boot.


1)     Drop The Bar of Soap

Soap bars are not all-purpose like yoga pants. Use only facial cleanser for your face. Keep the body soap for what it’s for: the body.  As the skin on the body is thicker and rougher than on the face, facial cleansers are gentler and more effective in terms of removing dirt, oil and impurities. To maximise this step, massage the cleanser over your face in circular motion for at least one minute.


2)     Power Toner

A significant proportion of men forget about using toner after cleansing. If you don’t know what a facial toner is, its purpose is found in the name. Coming in either a lotion or liquid form, it helps even out your skin tone. Furthermore, it cleans up pores and prevents them from being clogged up with dirt and grime, breaking out into problems like blackheads and pimples.

Know that men are born with larger pores than women, so this step is critical if you want to purify and close up that pothole-sized pore.


3)     Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

In an era of metro gentlemen and hashtag heavy marketing movements, it would be quite the shocker if moisturizer is still a foreign concept to you. It should be a basic necessity in your facial grooming regime, especially so given the manic lifestyles and devilish weather in Singapore.

Our skin fast loses hydration from prolonged exposure to air-conditioning, UV from computers and the environment itself. Dehydrated skin becomes dull, and little wonder you complain about ageing easily. Moisturizer replenishes that, well, moisture and shields your skin from external aggressors. Some moisturizers, such as those from Biotherm Homme, contain extra benefits such as oil-control, brightening and anti-ageing.


4)     If You’re Not Using Sunblock Already, This Clip Will Convince You

While on the topic of premature ageism, UV rays from the sun can damage your skin cells and cause uneven skin tone, wrinkles and dark spots – the perfect ingredient for losing your handsomeness and looking twice your actual age.


5)     You Don’t Steal From Your Girlfriend’s Dresser Because… 

The man and his skinMen’s facial skin is different from women’s. Why else would there be a clear line drawn between male and female grooming products? Customised skincare ranges for men are significantly more effective for solving men’s complexion woes; unless you find yourself on an unplanned stayover at your girlfriend’s place, jolly well take responsibility for your handsome ambitions and stop scrounging off random facial products you can get your hands on.

Your girlfriend will have one more reason to love you, seriously.


5 Steps To Looking Handsome Instantly has been done in conjunction with Biotherm Homme. Do check out the Biotherm website for their full range of products and information on men’s skincare.