You’ll never be like Korean boyband BTS, but you could probably cop about 15% of their swag with their style moves.

BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan), which translates into bulletproof boy scouts, recently made history on the U.S. music charts. Their latest album ‘Love Yourself: Tear’ is the first ever K-Pop album to hog the Number One spot on the Billboard 200. BTS is also first on the Digital Songs Sale chart with their hit single, ‘Fake Love’, which is also dominating billboards outside of the U.S. It recorded about 122 million views within 14 days of its launch on YouTube.

While they are riding on an international high that K-Pop history has never seen, you could try riding on their coattails; their sartorial choices, apparently, are as influential as their music. BTS is known to coordinate their outfits at music award ceremonies and in their MVs; some of their more outlandish yet cool AF ensemble, such as floral shirts, loud outerwear and oversized sweaters, might lose their swag-ness on the average, intimidated guy here. But have no fear, because no matter how inhumanly fashion forward BTS may be, they do sport basic moves you can incorporate into your everyday wear with immediate effect.

Get inspired by the following looks and pieces gleaned from their public appearances, and then celebrate your own style high – by turning up in these, of course.

Distressed Jeans

If you’re of rockstar-level fame stealing the hearts and minds of practically everyone, you’d have wildly distressed jeans as an integral part of your uniform.

The problem here is that you’re not.

We understand you might want to flaunt some of your anti-establishment flair (and some leg hair, at that), but you really don’t want to be tearing into your first pair like BTS at American Music Awards 2017. Start with very low degrees of rip-ness. Like, people would hardly notice there’s a rip until they come close enough. When you’re truly confident enough, with a certified rebellious streak, then work your way… nay, scratch that. Stop there.

Bomber Jackets

Are you a cash rich BTS fanboy/girl? You might get spontaneous fan access to a meet-and-greet if you throw them a Gucci patchwork bomber for a gift – that’s how much these guys are into the high fashion house.

As staunch believers of the coolness bomber jackets bring you, we’re fully behind the move, only if you were to stick to classic designs (read: print-free) that also does not blow your savings account.

Men In Black

A lot of times, BTS’ style presents a blinding mash of colours as vibrant as their dance moves. And just as many times, they embrace the full black get-up a lot.

You should too.

Take a look at the manner they brought a stylish black parade to the Billboard Music Awards last year, you’ll get the gist. But that is just one instance out of the countless other all-black sightings on and off the red carpet.

Converse All Star Chucks

Yes, about that ‘Fake Love’ MV. There is absolutely nothing fake about the way Suga was rocking a pair of All-Star high tops. You could’ve missed that scene in the blink of an eye, but we sure as hell didn’t. Icons are icons for a reason. The best part is that they’re so not bank-breaking and you can buy it right about now and slip into bulletproof street style.

Denim Jacket

It’s hard to nail down the one iconic BTS look. Not only is their collective style flex strong, each member is identified by his own distinct personality and fashion.

But if we were to narrow it down, we’d bet the denim is one of their fail-safes. For one, there’s the aforementioned distressed jeans they were seen in together. For two, they’re also seen in denim outerwear quite a fair bit, and it seems you have one more option on top of the bomber to start looking half as handsome as them BTS boys.