by Sheena Ong

Other than being associated with the clichéd #nofilter, #yolo and #foodporn, Instagram can also be intimately related to #pickupthathotchick. Or #makeheryourgf. Well gents, thank god the SM team is such huge Insta-fan, because we might have uncovered the secrets to score that dream girl, whom you created an account just to follow. Besides being a channel for posting pictures of your artistically arranged chicken rice, Instagram can very well function as the new Tinder. If you didn’t think you could meet a chick, score a date and get married through Instagram, you’re going to have to change your mind. Instantly.

If not by the end of the article.


  1. The ‘Explore’ page is your best friend

Instagram has now programmed its Explore page to show posts based on people you follow. That means the lady with the killer #ootd may share mutual friends with you and this makes your comment on her posts a lot less creepy/stalker-ish. Just try not to ruin your new opportunity by overdoing it, alright?


  1. Try not to sound like a Buaya

When have you ever started a conversation with “Hey babe, you look hot, let’s be friends” and succeeded in getting a number (that is not her pimp’s hotline)?

Try the more sophisticated approach instead: “I see we both have equally fine taste in music. Glad to meet someone who appreciates the artistic finesse of Nicki Minaj”


  1. Sound like you give a shit

For starters, at least. Yeah, we understand that by the seventeenth picture, every café she goes to looks exactly the same. But a double tap and a “Hey I was just there! You should try out Old Hen Coffee Bar” makes it seem like you care deeply about the art of café-hopping, and not so much about the art of number closing. It’ll definitely make its way into your contact list once enough shit is given.


  1. Post strategically

Try to periodically post pictures that show your best side –that means no excessive man-whorish selfies with your eggs ben brunch exploits (leave that to the ladies). Posting pictures of your Zouk parties every Ladies’ Night with that Asian flush is also an immediate red flag. Instead, post pictures of yourself enjoying some quality bonding time with your Retriever at the park (borrow your buddy’s if you don’t own any pets). One golden reason for them saying dogs are men’s best friends is just that: they assist you in scoring girls on Instagram (out of it, too) without asking questions.


  1. Take it out of Instagram

Silently hiding behind your screen imagining saving your Insta-crush from an imaginary gang robbery with your imaginary Krav Maga skills isn’t gonna get you anywhere. Rather, you’ll need to take it from acquaintance to potential BF material by taking her out and into the proper chatting channels. Sure, a picture paints a thousand words, but screw that for now. Neither is it efficient to keep attaching an image just to send over a DM. Pay close attention; once she’s showing even the faintest sign of interest, it’s time to pull the trigger. “Instagram isn’t made for chatting, let’s take this over to Facebook/Whatsapp”.


Ironic as it may sound, getting that special lady’s attention won’t happen overnight despite the Insta-culture. Tons of patience, well-timed posts and camera angling practice are required to achieve the desired outcome. The rewards you reap are more than worth the effort if it’s all done right: you could very well win the girl over and at the same time… build yourself a large female following.