A good 11 months after temperatures hit a low of 21°C in Singapore, it seems that the cold spell is returning to our sunny shores. Earlier this week, Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) announced its forecast that the mercury could dip to a low of between 22°C and 23°C due to the northeast monsoon season – a stark reminder that Winter Is Coming.

It’s a Christmas miracle we’ve been waiting for because you guys can finally take your jackets outside of air-conditioned tundras without being silently judged like a man wearing shades indoors. You guys can finally break the single layer monotony and showcase your outerwear game…  which not much can be said about.

That’s if you don’t already own a denim jacket, a time-tested staple that checks all the boxes of stylishness, reliability and classic-ness. It’s like you wearing your favourite pair of jeans, but for your upper body. Likewise, the perfect denim jacket should fit real snug. Some guys here jump into a purchase without doing their homework, the most common mistake being oversizing (even when buying their usual size) and risk Spongebob-ing themselves with a boxy frame (remember you’re dealing with a much stiffer fabric here). 

Cure the Spongebob syndrome by looking at where the hem ends. Unlike shopping for your bombers, denim jackets are built to finish short. How short? As long as it doesn’t end past the hips. But at the same time, not belly dancer level short. Depending on which fashion label you’re browsing, you might have to try on an S if you’re usually an M.   

The great thing about denim jackets in Singapore? It’s not bound by seasons. Not that there are seasons here, but you can continue to wear it out and wear it proud even after these wintry times, without having passing pedestrians mutter things like ‘poser’ or ‘siao, so hot still wear leather jacket’ out of earshot. 

So who cares if that hyperbolic winter is coming or not. Whether you’re going for it in its classic blue, indigo or black, consider your outerwear game won. 

On a budget

ASOS DESIGN skinny western denim jacket, S$62.97

Just got my pay and feel like spending so…

Levi’s Men’s Trucker Jacket, S$119.90


Kent & Curwen Corduroy Collar Vintage Denim Jacket, Zalora, S$400 (U.P. S$499)

What a steal!

Calvin Klein Classic Denim Trucker Jacket, S$269 (U.P. S$449)