After a whirlwind courtship of pushing and pulling, the Trump-Kim summit had since been called back on. The historic meeting between the two leaders – who haven’t exactly been the best of Bros over North Korea’s nuclear ambitions – will take place this coming Tuesday (12 June 2018) at Sentosa’s Capella Hotel.

After all the Twitter name calling and the one-upsmanship on who has the bigger nuclear button, all eyes will certainly be on the first ever meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. How will they get along when they finally go mano a mano? Trump being Trump, he just had to get the last word(s) in with his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani claiming that Kim had begged for a revival of the summit on hands and knees. With the hermit state showing signs of thawing, will Kim play the bigger man on 12 June and soldier on with peace efforts?

Will we see them Bro hug it out by the end of the summit, or will they continue to throw shade at each other and let it degenerate into a no-holds-barred wrestling match where they throw chairs at each other?

We at Seriously Man won’t know for sure. But one thing we do know is that as connoisseurs of handsomeness, we have been keeping a close eye on the style and grooming moves they have been making, both good and bad (mostly bad). And before they can start beating back their apparent contempt for each other, they have to first beat the infamous Singapore heat so they don’t spend their time here on a salty note.

We have it on good authority that this is what Trump and Kim are going to be seen in (off camera, too), and how they are going to get their chill on in Singapore – literally.

Kim Jong Un

1. Gel & Comb

Kim’s hairstyle is something you might see in a caricature, not in real life: the sides fade up into a sharp puff, with a flat comb back at the top. A standout ‘do like that requires copious amount of gel and blow-drying time. Now you know for sure what one of the grooming tools in his dopp kit is going to be, if dopp kits are a thing in the DPRK.

2. Mao Suit

That stately, pinstriped Mao Suit Kim wraps himself in is his means of carrying forth his late father Kim Jong Il and grandfather Kim Il Sung’s legacy. It conveys the manner in which he means business, as he’d found himself thrust into power at a pretty young age (he is 34 – less than half the age of Trump!).

It would be hard for people to take him seriously in other threads.

But predicting that he’ll turn up in a Mao Suit is as predictable as England crashing out of the World Cup early, so we’re upping the ante with his choice of colour for the summit: Grey. His usual blacks are going to galvanise a fast heatstroke.

3. Heart Rate Monitor

If crossing the border into South Korea at the Demilitarised Zone is enough to get him breathless like a F45 workout, Kim has no idea what’s in store for him when he is welcomed into Singapore with profound levels of heat, humidity and stairs. He should be coming with a chest strap underneath that Mao Suit.

4. Asthma Inhaler

Same reason as above.

5. Chicago Bulls Jersey

Did you know? Kim is quite the patron of the sports. The NBA, to be exact. Although he seems to never not be in his trademark Mao Suit, at some point, the man has got to dress down to his personal equivalent of Singapore’s infamous singlet and shorts combination. If we’re betting men, it’d be a basketball jersey. A Chicago Bulls one, at that.

Donald Trump

1. Baggy Suit + Power Tie

The boxiness of Trump’s suits knows no limits. So is his Twitter expository about strong-arming #NoKo should they “act unwisely”. Expect Trump to rock one of his blindingly red ties – dubbed the power tie – as he attempts to negotiate for complete denuclearisation in the North. It would be most unwise of him to jeopardise everything with a trademark yank-the-arm-off handshake, so yes, the power tie is the furthest he would go.

2. Scotch Tape

We haven’t forgotten how Trump ties his tie. Refer to picture 3.

3. Polo Shirt

The Sentosa Golf Club isn’t too far off from the venue of their coffee date. While Kim is a huge fan of basketball, it is no secret that Trump conducts a lot of his business on the golf course. A lot of business (wink). That would call for a Polo, the more weather and dress-code appropriate attire he’d slip into.

No tape needed.

4. ‘Make America Great Again’ Cap

After that one incident with a strong gust of wind when he boarded the Air Force One, the cap is his best defence against Mother Nature’s efforts to shame him.

5. Hairspray

Another layer of defence against the damn gusts – from Capella’s AC this time. It does not hurt to pack along a few more cans of spray. Exposing the patchiness underneath does. Climate change is a myth, anyway.