Wear blue, not red, to get lucky in the upcoming Chinese New Year and the rest of the year ahead.

That is at least a sentiment echoed by a fengshui master interviewed in this report by The Star Online. Because water has been determined the element in this Year of the Rooster, playing with more shades of blue in your everyday wear could up your luck and energy factor rather than the blues itself.

This is great news for a number of reasons; although we may not be the most superstitious bunch on the block (definitely much less than any of your folks), we can’t help but buy into this particular fengshui prediction. Why? Team S.M is a huge sucker for the colour. We bleed blue. It is classic, fail-safe and easy AF to match with other colours. As a matter of fact, we love it so much we will be launching a new permanent style column called ‘#MondayBlues’, where we showcase all the possible ways to don the colour every –no prizes for guessing–Monday.

We’re not sure if you need more proof that our own iteration, ‘Go blue or be a fool’, is actually a thing, but look at the fashion industry’s hottest male model right now. Even his name has a ‘blue’ in it.

Now that you’re more or less convinced to marine-theme your whole wardrobe, let us start you off with an essential that you can wear over and over again without being called out. And without feeling like it gets old.

Ah, the denim jacket. What’s not to like? The material is hardy, battle-tested and can withstand all kinds of shit you throw at it. Even in the literal sense. Instead of confining denim to just waist down, why not wear it up top? It has the rugged style quotient when you layer it over a plain tee or a tank top over weekends, and it gives you the opportunity to play the chivalrous gent and layer your date when things get frigid at the movies (with a move like that things would surely heat up at home after that). This is quite possibly the only go-to weekend armour you need.

Considering that you don’t have to launder denim for months until its stench can stun someone into a coma, you can save time on household chores when the weekend is over. You’d love that, wouldn’t you?

Lazy bugger.

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