You might be good with the making up part. But can you say the same for the kissing?  We look back on the polls done by Coffee Meets Bagel to shed light on what makes a great smooch.

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The best way to avoid bad breath is to keep your oral hygiene in check. If you aren’t already brushing your teeth twice a day, a good spanking is what you need. You should also carry a tin of mints in your pocket, plus a bottle of water. Maintaining good hydration aids in keeping your mouth moist*.

*Dry mouth = Bad breath.

Presidential tip: Barack Obama orders his burgers without onions because it gives him the stink. Garlic and Onion will give you a persistent stench, even if you Listerine it.

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Does that mean 2/3 women want it planned in advance? A friend of a friend (a lady) once remarked that one of her dates repeatedly asked for permission to kiss her throughout the evening. Instead of getting aroused, it roused her frustration.

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This is textbook context for timing the first kiss. The most conservative timing would be towards the end of the date, but could it be too predictable? Shouldn’t it be done when the moment feels right, even if it’s smack in the middle of dinner?

Also, the farewell could happen at a crowded area instead of an empty lift lobby, rendering her uncomfortable to be seen engaging in PDA.

Best way to time your kiss? Look out for her body signals.

Credit: Coffeemeetsbagel

Anything more than a light peck on the lips qualifies for French Kiss, which means you need to master the art of prolonged lip lock and tonguing.

Additional note: If she has horrible breath, switch to a light peck and don’t ever engage.

The 4-Step Approach To a Mega Successful Make Out

Four steps might be one too many for you to remember when the nerves are all frazzled. This devised acronym should be able to make it easier: K-I-S-S 

  1. Keep On Electrifying…

…with non-verbal cues. Lock in strong eye contact, slip your hands around and behind her waist, and will yourself to lean in slowly even when every fibre of your trembling being is making you think that you’re crossing the DMZ into danger zone.

(Pro tip: Cup her face for an extra romantic, melt-the-heart-into-a-cheesy-goo gesture)

  1. Initiation

Unless you’re extremely confident she’s into you and has half a mind to rip your shirt off, tread lightly. Home in on her lips gently and ‘test the waters’. Did she not reciprocate as you had envisioned? Consider aborting initiation and try again when she’s more comfortable (read: when she finds you less of a lecher).

Did she reciprocate, by way of throwing her arms around your neck or returning your act of passion?

Proceed to the first ‘S’.

  1. Stick It In!  

Your tongue, that is. And it shouldn’t be as aggressive as the way it had implied. When engaging with your tongue, remember not to go too deep. Choking your date with your tongue is never pleasant, plus you could be stirring her gag reflex. Unless you want her partially digested dinner in your mouth, don’t force your way!

Another no-no is twirling your tongue in her mouth like a turbine. You are making out, not giving her a dental cleansing.

  1.   S.EX

Believe it or not, I did not intend for you to be misled. This is really just the Seriously Man team’s acronym within an acronym for Smooch Experience.

Because the best smooches do come from experience. French kissing, like the name suggests, is an art. You need repeated practice to master the art.