5. Martini

Daniel Craig’s Bond seemed to have had a change of heart –Heineken. But it is safe to say most of us still identify 007 with his iconic “shaken, not stirred” catchphrase at the bar. At some point you probably wondered what’s the goddamn difference. In layman terms, here goes: a glass of shaken Martini is more ice-cold, something you would want for your Saturday night tipple. The trade off is the bruising effect on the gin; apparently it’s less palatable and doesn’t cleanse your palates as well as a stirred glass. Now, you’re licensed to impress your date.


4. Tequila

Here’s another fun fact to bump up your street cred if you suddenly feel the need to crack eggs of wisdom: Tequila is named after the plant “Agave Tequilana”. It goes through an arduous process of maturation, cooking and fermentation before it is used for production of the stuff sitting in your salt-rimmed shot glass. Even George Clooney has jumped on the bandwagon of this man drink, with his very own “Casamigos” brand which has been rather raved about. Perhaps it is time to switch it up from the usual “Jose Cuervo” you pick up from the DFS.




3. Beer

It is only human to kick back with a cold one or two, right? Right. Because President Obama also had his fix of “Bud Light” during his White House “Beer Summit”. Hang on, add superhumans to the list too, if you are geek enough to know about Captain America’s ultra metabolism that couldn’t get him drunk even if he wanted to. It’s a multi-million dollar industry with all the microbreweries springing up everywhere, all the professional sports club sponsorships and all the Oktoberfests. If water ceased to exist, beer would probably be the substitute. Everyone loves a beer. We’re betting even President Obama might frown upon hearing the “no sale of alcohol past midnight” ruling by the G here.




2. Bourbon

Bourbon, bourbon, bourbon. One of the most manly man drinks you can get your hands on. There are many ways to go about drinking this whiskey: on the rocks, with Coke (thus Bourbon Coke) or Sour, just the way Captain Sparrow a.k.a Johnny Depp likes his. There’s a good chance you are not one of the highest paid actors like he is, so the closest you could feel like him is to mix yourself a glass of Bourbon Sour. All you need along with your whiskey are lemon juice, sugar, a slice of orange and a cherry. If you are one to be anal about garnishing, that is.


1. Coffee

Let’s lay off the alcohol for a while, shall we? It is hard to catch anyone without his/her cuppa in the morning. Celebrities most certainly need their daily fix to at least look alive in their crazy filming schedules. While there is no one particular identifiable caffeine addict of a leading man, here’s Mr Christian Bale with his to-go. Well, even The Dark Knight needs a perk-me-up from nights of crime fighting and “spelunking”.