According to sentiments of economic analysts, the Singapore economy isn’t looking all that good for the next couple of years. But you sure as hell can. Even with a few bucks, so to speak. Looking your absolute best before you step out of the door everyday is more about what to spend on (and reading this phenomenal guide) than how much to spend, so don’t you be thinking that blowing thousands of dollars on designer brands will magically turn you into a GQ cover boy.

If you need any proof at all that $100 is already enough to make the difference, we have it right here.


Invest in a really fitting essential Tee

Less is indeed more. To us, it doesn’t make financial sense to chase trends every other month when all you need is a few plain crew necks in white, grey, navy or black. We all differ from the next guy in terms of shape, size and height, so experiment and find a clothing label that fits your particular body type to a T. Your perfect plain Tee should fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Hem reaches just below the belt.
  2. No pyramid sleeves. They should circle around your upper arms nicely instead of flaring out. If not, maybe you need more arms day.
  3.  Shoulder seams end exactly where your shoulder blades end.

Cost: You shouldn’t be spending more than S$20/piece. Check out affordable streetwear brands such as Uniqlo and its equivalents.

Shop on Carousell

Don’t be scoffing at resale marketplaces now. If you would spend enough time Carou-shopping the depths of the virtual flea, you could very well find a $200 barely-broken-in leather jacket for $40. Or a brand new pair of Nike’s in which the owner, in his befuddled state, bought a size too small. It’s a goddamn treasure trove of unwanted gems. You just need to know where to look, and how the thing fits. Ask the seller for more details on size, measurements and type of cut (slim? skinny? loose?). If you’re particularly particular, check if he’s nice enough to let you try it on and inspect for wear and tear before you hand over the cash.

Cost: Depends on your negotiation skills. 

Raid your sibling’s wardrobe

In a world of Uberpooling and Grabsharing, we should really expand beyond our limits to include wardrobe sharing. Sisters have a penchant for that, so why can’t you brothers? This is especially so if you guys are of similar build. Whether he is actually aware of it or not, conduct a thorough search of his wardrobe. Skip the sock and underwear drawer. There should be at least one item that you can bring yourself to wear out to the world for a day.

Cost: Free


It’s like adding rainbow sprinkles to your ice cream cone. You’ll look more yummy. But mancessories can be tricky and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it would completely screw up your get-up. The key is to be subtle, not loud. It should complement your outfit while remaining under the radar, not draw attention like a flashing lighthouse. We swear by classic timepieces as the only acceptable accessory for men, but in this case, you’re working on a shoestring budget. We would allow some room for alternatives, such as hook bracelets. Incorporate this one by Zalora for a start.

Cost: S$19.90

Groom it like you mean it

Boy, do we have so much to preach about grooming affairs. But we’ll save that for our weekly grooming column. For now, we’ll just say that some guys out there still approach it like an afterthought without realising that it’s actually the secret to bristling handsomeness. It’s depressing.

Which is why we’re devoting at least a quarter of the budget to get you a grooming set. Clothes can only make a man so much. Let’s start with our astonishingly simple 3-step formula for your mug:

  1. Face wash and exfoliate (buy a cleanser that’s SUITABLE for your skin type, not because your favourite celeb is endorsing it!!!)
  2. Moisturise (you could fortify the moisturiser by dabbing another layer of toner)
  3. Slap on suncreen (just once in the morning)

Cost: Expect to allocate S$25-40 for a basic set of facial wash, moisturiser and sun screen from your nearest supermarket or beauty store.

15-minute pump-up workout

“What’s the use of all those push-ups when you can’t even lift a bloody plank?” Alfred once asked of Bruce Wayne. Besides plank lifting, push-ups can prime your muscles for a temporary pump so you fit into your clothes better. You feel in control. You’re in the right frame of mind. You could stop a moving truck if you wanted to.

Now, are you not ready for your big date?

Cost: Free

Buy a pack of condoms

Yes, you read it right. We want you to dim the lights, put on a prophylactic and get freaky with your better half. There’s no better way to literally shag yourself out for a good night’s sleep and wake up the next morning feeling fresh AF. Or, in the name of this article, like a million bucks.

What if I don’t have a better half? That’s not so bad. You could DIY and save on the condom costs.

Cost: S$6-18

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