1. Imperial Fiber Pomade, $31.90

Team SM’s take: Provides medium hold but its strength doesn’t interfere with you ability to restyle your hair anytime, anywhere.

2. Imperial Classic Pomade, $31.90

Team SM’s take: Possesses a mild fruity scent and comes with smooth application… perfect for a smooth gent.

3. Railcar Fine Goods Pomade, $25.90

Team SM’s take: Has a floral yet masculine scent to it, provides a strong hold even on thick hair and rinses off easily.

4. By Vilain Dynamite Clay $25

Team SM’s take: Easy to apply over hair. Despite its strong hold, you’ll still get to restyle your hair whenever you fancy. We thought it’s more suitable for shorter hair and surprisingly, it’s easy to wash off.

5. By Vilain Gold Digger, $25

Team SM’s take: Perhaps the most popular item at Men’s Bazaar, the clay provides a very strong hold and gives your hair a natural shine finish. The best part? You got it, it also rinses off easily.

6. Layrite Super Hold Pomade, $24

Team SM’s take: Equipped with a unique vanilla scent. It could almost double as your cologne.

7. Admiral Pomade, $24.90

Team SM’s take: Comes with an appealing coconut scent and unless you’re going for the wet look, Team SM thought it be more suitable for hairstyles such as the undercut.


The featured products have been specially brought to you by Men’s Bazaar