With a reputation as a foodie’s paradise, Singaporeans can be picky about their food. That begs the question: why wouldn’t they be the same for their Bagels?

In an annual report compiled by Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB), one of the most popular dating apps today, they took a look back at the year 2017 and found that within Asia, Singapore came out on top in terms of pickiness. Users of the app, known colloquially as Bagels, would pass on their matches 65.1% of the time. While the statistics point towards discerning ‘tastes’ among Singaporeans, Hong Kong is ranked chattiest and most active city. Tokyo got the thumbs up as the most ‘liked’ city: Bagels were ‘liked’ 43.3% of the time.

Before you pack your bags for Hong Kong or Tokyo, take a deeper look into the numbers. For Singapore, 1.6 million introductions were made and 28 million messages were sent. It works out to be an average of 17.5 messages exchanged per match. That should give you some insight into how long a CMB chat typically lasts, before the conversation transfers to a messaging app or one party ghosts.

But that is when the match is already made. Guys here still have to face unfavourable odds in the form of a 65.1% pass rate. If your New Year’s resolution is to find love, there could be a glimmer of hope, yet. We spoke to 21 female Bagels and posted the big question of what they are really picky about, so you may finally do something right for your profile and manipulate the odds. These are our findings:

Top 3 Pickiness Index

  1. How well Bagel’s face is depicted in the profile picture(s)
  2. Grammar
  3. What Bagel is wearing in the profile picture(s)

For the sake of finding love, it seems your New Year’s resolutions should also include brushing up on your writing chops. And your style smarts, of course.