The Fengshui masters have spoken. In the year 2018, or the Year of the Dog according to the Chinese almanac, Earthy tones are set to be the colours to invite wealth, prosperity and all things good.

Flitting a thumb over fingers to make astronomical predictions is serious business compared to old wives’ superstitions, say, donning a pair of shiny red briefs when one is expected to partake in a game of Blackjack or Mahjong. So, if you want to be seeing your big break this year, you might want to start sporting shades of green, beige, brown and yellow for your Chinese New Year #OOTD.

With such colours reminding us of an infant’s defecation, they may not be the most exciting, nor the easiest, to wear out in place of solid hues like the good ol’ Reds/Blues. Here’s how you can make the best of it without looking like a f*cking Treant.

Whoever said you need to go full solid green?

Blanford Oxford Check Shirt, approx. $110
Jack Wills

Just about the right balance to the checks.

Extreme Flex Slim Jeans, $49.39 (U.P. $65.86)
American Eagle

An indirect ‘Time to GTFO’ to your idiotic relatives.

TRIWA Havana Nevil Chronograph Watch, $279.30 (U.P. $399)
CumulusNimbus, Wheelock Place #02-12

You’ve got the Earth palette down pat from top to ankles. Cheat a little with your brand new treads.

ECCO Mens Soft 8 Tie Sneakers, $279.90
ECCO stores

A precognition to big winnings.

Lorenzo Money Clip, $49 (U.P. $118)
Gnome & Bow

Layer this with the green warrior below.

Striped Crew Neck T-Shirt, $19.90

Why blend in with the shirt crowd when you can have a cool AF shirt jacket? Like we just said, layer this over a striped T-shirt – unbuttoned and unencumbered.

Shirt Jacket, $128
Abercrombie & Fitch